A Guide to Tailor Made Suits

A tailor made suit is one-of-a-kind clothing specially designed to fit your body type and style preferences. It strikes the perfect mix between off-the-rack and bespoke suiting alternatives, allowing you to have the personal choice and individualized fit of bespoke without the expensive cost.

Tailor-made clothes are just one of several alternatives available for getting dressed up. Other alternatives include bespoke suits and off-the-rack suits. Bespoke suits or off-the-rack suits are the most common terms for tailor made suits, although there are subtle differences.

Bespoke VS. Off-The-Rack VS. Tailor Made

Tailor-made suits, bespoke suits, and off-the-rack suits all differ in that tailor-made suits are designed from scratch and don’t employ a pre-existing pattern, allowing for greater control over style aspects. Most tailor-made suits follow a basic pattern, but they are built specifically for you based on the specifics of your measurements, fabric preference, and design preferences.

On the other hand, Off-the-rack suits are pre-styled, mass-produced garments that may or may not fit your body type. When purchasing an off-the-rack suit, you’ll almost always have to adjust in terms of fit, design, fabric, or all three. It means that you may have to shop around and try on multiple jackets and pants until you find one that fits, not to add dealing with salespeople who aren’t especially helpful.

Tailor-made suits are the answer to all of these issues. You should, however, familiarize yourself with how it works first.

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Pros and Cons of tailor made suits


  • Personalized service and advice on an individual basis.
  • You can get the style, fit, and fabric you want all simultaneously.
  • From the exterior fabric to the inner lining, you are in complete control over the appearance of your suit. Several tailors offer a wide variety of suit materials and exquisitely patterned linings to give your custom suit a little extra flair.
  • Customize your suit by choosing slim lapels, shorter jacket length, handcraft stitching, and slant pockets, as well as working cuff buttons and other style options.
  • The final product is a one-of-a-kind, custom-made suit tailored to your exact measurements.


  • Depending on the tailor, you may have to wait anywhere between three and six weeks from the initial fitting and any adjustments to receive the finished product.
  • Tailors typically need 2 to 4 weeks to complete your garment.
  • Tailor-made suits are manufactured to the ‘make’ of the company from which you purchase them, which means that while you have influence over many aspects of the suit’s design, you do not have complete control over intricate details as you would with a bespoke suit, such as the colour of the thread around the buttons.

The phrase “tailored suit” should be taken with a grain of salt. Using the word “tailored” to describe a suit’s appearance and fit is a popular and inaccurate marketing strategy used by many suit retailers today. They should be using terms like “slim,” “fitted,” or “tapered.” When we say “tailored suit,” we’re referring to a garment that has been handcrafted specifically for you based on the measurements you provide.

As a result, tailor-made suits are a low-effort, high-value option in the long run. It’s possible to acquire a well-tailored and uniquely styled suit that’s built to measure for less than the cost of a decent quality off-the-the-rack suit while still getting many of the benefits of a bespoke suit.

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