From the time when a person starts attending school, bags always accompany the fit. The use of the bag might differ as one grows. To children, it might be a fun accessory. To young adults, it is used for storage. To older adults, it is a fashion statement! The importance of bags can be traced back to 5000 years when the icemen invented a pouch made by animal skin.

Today, from a bag like a Bottega Veneta bag to a backpack, the variety and branding each bag has are endless! It is believed that women have greater variety when it comes to such accessories. However, with increasing awareness, fashion labels have become more inclusive that today, markets have gender-neutral accessories that anybody can rock!

Australia has a vast bag industry as well. The bags and accessories sector makes around $1,500 million in revenue every year! Not just handbags, but Australia has achieved the remarkable feat of reducing their plastic bag usage by 80% just in three months. Sustainable cloth and jute bags made of recycled organic materials have replaced such plastic commodities.

What are the uses of bags?

Bags are multipurpose. But the functions of bags and related accessories are defined by the type and model. Usually, big bags with many zippers are used for storage during travel or while carrying some equipment. Small, petite bags are used to accessorise and add oomph to the overall look of the individual. Backpacks of various sizes are used for storage and easy transportation of items. Today, even fanny packs and waist bags are available for people who need to store items while carrying other things.

The quality and space provided by bags also depend on their cost. Bags that are highly priced typically require a lot of care as they might be made from sensitive leather. Moderately priced bags offer a lot of space for storage but might not be as eye-catching. On the other hand, cheap bags will be attractive and spacious but might have very low durability.

Types of Bags

There are several models and sizes of bags available in the market today. Based on the need and quality, one can choose from the following popular choices:

  • Backpack: Backpacks are essential for students, workers and even travellers. It is a large bag that is designed to carry several items on one’s back. A minor variation of a backpack is a daypack that is typically used for daily errands. They are lighter and more compact than travel backpacks.
  • Clutches: These are the most prevalent type of handheld bags in the market. Clutches are named so because one can fit them within their clutch. The storage in these bags allows an individual to carry essentials like cash, cards, and makeup. Envelope, box and kiss lock clutches are popular buys.
  • Handheld Bags: These bags are the most sought after style when it comes to fashion. Many handheld bags like a Bottega Veneta bag come in various shades and makes–from leather to nylon. These bags are more prominent than a purse and are perfect for accessorising any outfit. These handheld bags come in various styles like single handle, double handle, half-moon and accordion styles.
  • Tote Bag: Tote bags are bags that maximise efficiency. They can be left open top or closed as per convenience. Typically, it is a large bag used to store oversized items and still sport a chic look. Tote bags are made of eco-friendly materials, making them the most sustainable products in the market today.

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