8 Benefits of Period Panties

During menstruation, a vast majority of women turn to products like pads, tampons and liners without giving a second thought. Nowadays, many are purchasing Period panties as an alternative. Although these panties were not around previously, they are now gaining popularity immensely.

But what exactly is period underwear? When you wear these panties on your menstrual days, they can absorb the flow of your periods. You can find them in a variety of styles and thicknesses depending upon your flow. Additionally, their anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties help prevent odours similar to the period pads and liners.

The best part about having such underwear is that they are reusable, unlike the other menstruation products. You can either utilise them on your own or alongside tampons or menstrual cups. They are beneficial to all the women during that time of the month. So, keep reading and learn about their benefits.

  1. They are easy to use: Wearing menstrual underwear is similar to wearing knickers. Although you might bleed directly into the underwear, it will take time for you to get used to it. Many women prefer wearing underwear rather than fiddling around with tampons, pads and liners.
  2. They are reusable: When it comes to traditional menstrual products, you have to wear and dispose of them. Then, you will have to use a new one. But that’s not the case with period underwear. After all, they are designed to be reused. After using the underwear, make sure you rinse them thoroughly before putting them in the washing machine. Excess blood in the panties can result in the growth of bacteria. So, ensure that you clean them properly. If maintained well, they can last between two and five years.
  3. They are more economical: Using new menstrual products each day can cost you an arm or leg. Additionally, it means more waste. So, with the help of menstrual underwear, you can spend less money on tampons, pads and liners. Due to the reusable feature of period underwear, they are economical.
  4. They are more comfortable: Several women find wearing pads a bit fiddly or bulky. Additionally, wearing tampons might not allow them to be comfortable because you have to insert and wear them. To overcome such issues, you can purchase Period panties from any online store.
  5. They can be worn while swimming: If you are fond of outdoor activities such as swimming but are on your periods, you might hesitate to even go outdoors. With period underwear, you can definitely go for a swim if your period isn’t too heavy. Ensure that you wear the panties properly since they are designed to be swim-proof. It is highly recommended not to go swimming when you have heavy periods.
  6. They prevent you from being noticed by others: You might have just started your period and got stained, leading to people noticing it. Additionally, when you reach the bag, you find that you have run out of sanitary products. Whether you are at the office or outside, wearing these panties can prevent you from catching other people’s attention.
  7. They are better for the planet: Throughout a woman’s life, approximately 5 to 15000 pads and tampons, including the packaging, are utilised. These products end up in a landfill and contribute to the overall global pollution crisis. They can have a huge and long-lasting impact on the environment since many contain plastic. In addition to this, their packaging contains plastic too. Hence, menstrual panties are better for the planet.
  8. They feel more natural: The underwear has an added layer of fabric, which does the job of a pad or tampon and helps provide extra protection to avoid leakage.

You can purchase Period panties online with different styles and designs such as thong, bikini-style, lacey and so on. Although they look and feel like a normal pair of knickers, they are more than just that. You can ensure that they will help you in the long run.

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