7 Online Gaming Tips Every Player Should Know

Are you part of the 64% or 214.4 million people in the United States who identified themselves as gamers? This proves that the gaming industry is becoming more mainstream as we progress.

If you’re looking to join the club, this article is exactly what you need! Here are seven gaming tips to help you get started:

1. Hardware Is Important

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional gamer, the right gaming gear is essential to your game performance. On the other hand, the wrong devices can cause latency which can impede gaming performance.

Latency refers to the time it takes your device to respond to your action. High latency causes delays in your games which reduces the fun of playing.

Say you’re playing an online baseball game. No matter how fast you press on your mouse, if it has high latency, the chances of you missing the ball are high. As such, you must choose the right gear for your preferred game online.

Wireless mouse and keyboard are convenient to use. However, you can reduce latency by opting for a wired controller, keyboard, or mouse.

Aside from latency, you should also consider how comfortable your gaming gears are. Most beginners go with the mouse or controller that came with their unit. If you want to become a professional, you should check out third-party accessories and find one that best fits your hand.

If you have the cash to spare, an ergonomic mouse should be on top of your list. Comfortable gaming gears translates to comfortable gaming condition. This, in turn, results in higher gaming performance.

Headphones are another piece of gear that can impact your game. Audios aren’t only for experiences, but they help you get a sense of where your opponent can be. For survival games, being able to hear footsteps behind you is critical in building a defense.

2. Internet Connection and Gaming Servers

Another essential factor that can cause latency is your internet connection. A wireless but secure internet connection will do for non-professional gamers. Yet, it’s worthy to note that using a wired internet connection can reduce noticeable lags.

However, if you’re playing one of the most popular multiplayer games, taking this measure isn’t enough. You need to ensure that you never lose connection while playing multiplayer games, as a few seconds of lag can be critical in your team’s performance. Imagine how frustrating it will be to lose the hours you invested in a game due to internet problems.

One vital way to ensure that this never happens is to invest in a dedicated gaming server. A dedicated server provides a reliable source of internet connection solely for your gaming needs. As a result, you won’t have to worry about interruptions, lags, or other connectivity problems.

3. Don’t Forget About Security

Once you’ve got your hardware sorted out, it’s time to equip it with software. Unfortunately, online gaming comes with the risk of dealing with malware and viruses.

While it’s impossible to eradicate the risk of contracting malware, proper software reduces the chances. As such, it’s best to install or upgrade the anti-malware or anti-virus software on your computer. With the help of these, you’ll be able to stand a chance against malicious attacks.

4. Opt for Brighter Screen

Among the gaming tips available, this tip is the most neglected as many deem it unimportant. However, conversely, it proves to be a performance enhancer.

Most of the games today are darker or muddled by design to make the colors stand out. Unfortunately, while this helps build a certain mood, it doesn’t provide you with an eagle-eye.

For those playing first-person shooter games, you can spot your opponent faster when you adjust the brightness on your unit and make it brighter. This will allow you to see the color more vividly and react faster. It may remove the aesthetic appeal of the game, but it does give you a winning edge.

5. Raise the Volume of the SFX

Music backgrounds help get you into the mood, enhancing the gamer experience. Yet what you don’t know is that listening to music requires a percentage of your brain is concentrating on the music rather than the game.

In online games, concentration is vital in winning. Thus, turn off the music to eliminate possible distractions that can cause hindrance. If the game allows you to customize sound levels, raise the level of the sound effects.

As we’ve mentioned, audios give you an extra sense of what’s happening in the game. Wear quality headphones to further cancel noises from inside your house.

6. Choose the Right Control Settings

The first thing you need to check before starting your game is its control settings. Ensure that it’s well optimized to avoid having to re-learn anything down the road.

Specifically, concern yourself with the sensitivity of your mouse or joystick. How high or low the sensitivity should depend on the game you’re playing and your role.

As a good rule of thumb, lower the sensitivity if you’re playing a game that requires accurate aims. It allows you to make very small adjustments.

Meanwhile, higher sensitivity is advisable for games that require traversal and close counters. This is because high sensitivity allows you to react faster.

7. Practice, Practice, Practice

As with any other activity, practice will help you achieve your goals. As such, if you want to improve your skills in gaming, exert time and effort in playing games.

Note that playing the whole day will not ensure that you’ll be better. You have to pay attention to the decisions you make during the game and their consequences. This will allow you to get a better sense of the nature of the game you’re playing.

When you make a mistake, recall what you did and try correcting that in the next game. If you keep doing this, you’ll soon notice improvements in your performance.

Get Better With These Gaming Tips

These gaming tips seem irrelevant, but in reality, they can enhance your playing strategy. So apply these while playing and see the magic yourself.

We’ve got more tips, tricks, and secrets to tell. Check out our latest posts for more articles like this!

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