6 mistakes that can hurt your personal injury lawsuit

Accidents and mishaps are not rare in Florida. While that’s a fact, it doesn’t take away from the trauma and pain caused by the accident. If you have suffered because of someone’s negligent behavior or reckless action, you might have a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations in Florida has different deadlines for different types of injury lawsuits. For instance, you have four years to file a dog bite lawsuit, while for medical malpractice lawsuits, the time cap is two years. If you want to get more information and understand your claim better, talk to an attorney. In this blog, we will discuss the mistakes that can hurt your personal injury lawsuit.

  1. Not seeking medical attention right away. Don’t brush off your injuries as minor bruises. Make sure that you get medical care immediately and tell the doctor about how you sustained the injuries. The medical reports, expenses, and bills will help get a justified settlement amount.
  2. Not following the doctor’s instructions. If your doctor has recommended physical therapy or a certain line of treatment for your recovery, you must adhere to that. The other party may claim that your injuries have worsened because of your negligence.
  3. Lying about your injuries. Beware of attorneys wanting to exaggerate your injuries to get more compensation. Lying about the facts of the accident or your injuries will only hurt your case further.
  4. Failure to gather evidence. In some cases, victims have the time to document the accident in pictures. If that wasn’t possible in your case, you must still work on the case early and gather as much evidence as you can, including witness statements and footage from the scene.
  5. Giving a recorded statement to the insurance company. Unless you have an attorney on your side, do not give a statement to the claims adjuster. It is common for insurance companies to tweak facts and details to serve their purpose, and your words could be used against you.
  6. Accepting the first offer. The insurance company will want to settle the case at the earliest and for as low as possible. Make sure you don’t accept the initial offer as it is likely to be lower than what you deserve. Let an attorney negotiate that for you.

Finally, don’t hide facts from your injury lawyer. Your lawyer needs to know all the details before they can start working on the case. If you have suffered recent injuries, let the lawyer know.

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