Wondering How to Tackle a Biting Cat? Let’s Unravel the Mystery!

Is your kitty biting your hands and fingers lately? Have you been a victim of unwarranted kitty teeth antics again and again? Probably your kitten assumes you to be a chew toy. Most of New Zealand’s kitten parents have experienced these events more than once. Feline parents should know kittens and cats are habitual biters.

Though you may tremble with pain or find the entire drama upsetting, kittens are used to putting up a show like this now and then. If you can’t figure out the reason for such erratic conduct, and it’s much worse than expected, visit the vet to understand if there are any underlying issues with your kitten.

Cat insurance NZ will cover many of your pet health expenses, including regular check-up costs as well as treatment for any illness or injury that might be causing the biting. So, don’t worry about the vet charges. If you haven’t bought cat insurance already, find insurers online and request a quote.

Why do cats bite?

You may think, what could be the reason for an unprovoked attack? But truly kitty cats are born predators. They love chasing, pouncing, clawing, and hunting. So, consider it an instinct and not aggression on their part. However, there are several other reasons they may choose to get their teeth in your skin.

Any changes in your behavior or changed lifestyle circumstance, such as moving to a different home, can solicit such an attitude. Plus, if they are frightened, threatened, or any of their needs aren’t met, they may bite you to grab your undivided attention. Check if your kitten is not well by taking it to the vet, claiming back on your cat insurance.

Train your kitty

If you are fostering a baby cat at home, teaching discipline is a good move to make. As your little furball is quite eager to learn something new every day, train your pet kitten so that it is well aware of the boundaries and knows whom and what to bite.

For instance, your kitty isn’t supposed to bite any people, especially toddlers and children. Your pet kitten is allowed to nibble on its toys. When your kitty complies with the house rules, ensure you reward it with a treat. Rely on positive reinforcement and patience to get your work done.

Identify the triggers

Normally, all hell breaks loose when your kitty is on a biting spree. There are five reasons your pet may bite people around them. First, when your furball is stressed. Second, when your kitty finds the way people handle it irritating. Third, when it gets into a defensive mode. Fourth, when it wants to communicate aggression. Fifth, having new pets or other pets around that are annoying it. Understand what is contributing to its biting rage and eliminate it, to restore peace at home.

Bring a companion home

Your kitty might be too bored with hooman around. In that case, consider giving it an outlet to release all the pent-up energy and frustrations. Bring home a new feline to accompany it in your absence. Get enough toys to engage them in play sessions daily. Also, shower them with love and affection frequently so they don’t resort to mischievous biting habits.

Kitty needs to know who the boss is!

Be assertive and consistent while teaching your kitty good manners. While cats are hard-headed and stubborn, you need to deal with them firmly but gently. You pressurize them, they wouldn’t care. So, keep your lessons moderate using a combination of reprimanding and rewarding to arrive at the best results. Don’t get aggressive with your kitty by all means.


We have put together these few common solutions to a kitty’s bad biting behavior to help you get through the worst of the biting stage. If you are still puzzled about your kitten’s actions call your vet right away and book an appointment. You may need expert advice on how to stop your cat from giving stinging bites.

Don’t be anxious about additional expenses. Your cat insurance from NZ should cover consultation charges. Get in touch with your cheap cat insurance provider to reimburse your pet’s medical examination fee quickly and easily.

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