Why Dayliff Water Pumps are gaining Popularity In Kenya

Dayliff water pumps feature a range of pumps from small scale domestic use to commercial and industrial use. They include compact hand/foot pedal operated pumps, submersible electric/solar pumps and large diesel and gasoline engine pumps. Dayliff pumps are a brand of Davis and Shirtliff company.

Quick tips about dayliff water pumps

Are you looking for details about water pumps? Search no further. This article highlights information on dayliff pumps and their uses. The pumps come in various categories depending on the area of service.

The pump uses range from household, farming and industrial. Below is a list of some of the common types of dayliff pumps, and uses:

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Hand pumps

The dayliff hand pumps are in two categories; one is small compact water dispensing pump for domestic drinking water. The other type is a large outdoor pump that can draw water from a borehole or well. You will find it mostly in schools or community boreholes in the rural areas without electricity and piped water.

Foot or pedal pump

The pedal or foot pump is helpful to small scale farmers for irrigation. They can irrigate their farms with the aid of this pump which does not require fuel or electricity. The foot pump is, therefore, economic and easy to use and does not require installation.

It comes with hose pipes and sprinklers. It has a maximum output of 4000 litres of water per hour and can irrigate a farm size of 1hectare. It can fit a maximum of 5 sprinklers and can also do furrow or hose irrigation. The foot pedal pump is ideal for rural areas because its maintenance is affordable.

Gasoline/diesel engine pump

The dayliff engine pumps are suitable for medium to large scale irrigation, draining water in excavating construction sites, among others. The engine pumps are portable and can be easily moved from one place to another. The dayliff engine pumps come in two options of gasoline and diesel engine.

The performance of the engine pumps varies depending on the size of the machine, cc and horsepower rating. The dayliff water pumps prices in Kenya are also affected by the size and power of the engine.

Submersible pump

The dayliff submersible pump is designed for pumping water from wells. The submersible pump is ideal for domestic water supply and irrigation. The dayliff submersible pumps come with different motor sizes, maximum depth of immersion and diameter of the well.

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Therefore, the pump selection depends on the diameter and depth of your borehole. The depth and diameter of the well affect the water pumps prices in Kenya. A deep and wide borehole will require a pump with a more extensive immersion depth and a bigger motor to push water which will be more costly.


Water pumps are handy in moving water from one place to another. They can solve problems of water shortage and starvation for animals. With the help of the pumps, farmers can reduce food shortage problems through irrigation, enabling them to produce food throughout the year without depending entirely on rainfall.

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