Which Is the Best Charcoal Face Pack for Regular Use?

Skincare is a process that takes time. It requires you to stick to a proper skin care regimen and the best products that help your skin get adequate nutrition for its deeper layers. And, when we talk about skincare, can we ever ignore the importance of a face pack like the charcoal face pack that brings about immense development? No, we cannot.

This article explores how and why we should use a charcoal face pack to achieve clear, pure, and blemish-free skin in a hassle-free manner. In addition, we would mention some of the key ingredients that would help you differentiate between the products available online, and we would also mention the best way to use this face pack.

What Kind of Charcoal is Used in a Face Pack?

People often get confused when they come across a product like the charcoal face pack. They sometimes think that the charcoal used for cooking might be the same charcoal used in a face pack. However, that notion is incorrect.

The normal charcoal is taken and exposed to excessive heat under controlled conditions to prepare activated charcoal. That heat disintegrates the charcoal into a black powdery substance. This is known as activated charcoal, and it is a popular ingredient that the skincare industry has taken refuge in these days.

Activated charcoal consists of microscopic holes or pores on its surface. These holes are active enough to trap pollutants or dust particles. A charcoal face pack made of activated charcoal relies on the “magnet-like” properties to draw out dust and impurities from the skin cells and thus make the skin surface clean, nourished, and blemish-free.

What Other Ingredients Need to be Present in the Charcoal Face Pack?

A face pack should solve skin problems like opening clogged pores, wiping out pollutants and bacteria, cleaning oil deposits, and removing uneven suntan and blackheads.

Considering this, skincare experts usually make a face pack with a few other skin-friendly ingredients to achieve better and faster results. Therefore, you may find the ingredients of a face pack and the ingredients of hair serum to be common at times.

However, it would help if you did not get misled because a face pack has a different composition and balance than hair serum. Thus, in a charcoal face pack, what other ingredients do you think can complement the benefits provided by activated charcoal?

Let’s look at some of the best ingredients that go along rather well with activated charcoal.

  • Coffee: As an edible ingredient, coffee does sound delicious. However, in the skincare industry, too, coffee has found its prominence because of its texture. The rough and grainy texture of coffee poses it as one of the best exfoliants in the world.

    Thus, when coffee grains are included in a face pack, the ingredient helps scrape off the dead skin cells and grease that usually form a layer on the skin’s surface. This helps the users by bringing out the fresh layer of skin and giving it a chance to breathe. This is a great technique for skin cleaning and removing suntan.

  • Kaolin Clay: When you use a face pack that is infused with activated charcoal and coffee, it is expected that either your skin is oily or you have an oily T-zone. In such a situation, your charcoal face pack needs to be accompanied by an ingredient that can help you control excess oil.

    This is how the concept of including kaolin clay has come into existence. Kaolin clay controls the excess oil secretion on your skin, and this helps to give you a non-greasy and fresh look all the time. In addition, with excess oil being removed, your skin can finally bid goodbye to the occurrence of pimples and the outbreak of acne.

  • Bentonite Clay: When your pimples and acne start to disappear, your skin needs to be given extra care. This is because the angry pimples and acne do not skip the chance of leaving behind marks and undulations on your skin.

    These marks can become permanent if not addressed immediately. Therefore, a gentle and nourishing charcoal face pack should contain bentonite clay as a major ingredient. It can lighten your skin, especially in the regions where marks, spots, and blemishes have settled in.

Which is the best charcoal face mask?

The above factors can help you know what factors and ingredients go into deciding the best charcoal-based face mask for regular usage. You can use these factors to figure out a charcoal face pack in your skincare regimen.

Note: For best results, use this face mask twice a week.

The skin will become soft, smooth, and radiant naturally, and you will be able to enjoy your naturally glowing skin always. If you need some recommendations, why don’t you check out the product portfolio of Mamaearth? It offers its C3 Face Mask for Healthy and Glowing Skin. This safe and gentle skincare product comes enriched with charcoal, kaolin clay, coffee, and bentonite clay as major ingredients that gently soothe the irritated and inflamed skin.

These ingredients gently cleanse your skin in a hassle-free way, thus helping you have a clear and glowing appearance. It also brightens and tightens the skin texture and helps you get rid of acne marks.

It also comes with the Made Safe Certification to assure safety and boost its high quality. We are sure you will love the natural goodness of the product, and your skin will benefit a lot from its use.

Note: This product is free from toxins and harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfate, SLS, and synthetic fragrances.

How Should You Apply the Face Pack?

We are sure that you have understood the importance of using charcoal in a face mask by now. However, we are also sure that you want to reap the best benefits from this face pack. In that case, how do you think would be the best way to ensure that you can apply this religiously regularly?

Let us help you understand the steps to learn the best way to use the product.

  • Wash Your Face: Start by washing your face with a safe and gentle face wash. It should be naturally enriched with the best cleansing agents that provide essential oils and minerals to your skin cells.
  • Dry Your Face: Once you have washed your face, you need to wipe your face using a soft towel or face wipe. Tap dry your face slowly and gently.
  • Apply the Face Mask: You should generously apply the face mask on your face using either a brush applicator or your fingertips. Ensure that your eyes, nostrils, and lips are well-protected during this application process. Once the mask is spread out evenly, you should let it rest for at least fifteen minutes and twenty minutes at the most.
  • Rinse Your Face: Once the face pack has become a little dry, you need to get sufficient lukewarm water. Use a wipe to rinse your face and get rid of the face pack by wiping it off with lukewarm water.
  • Prep for Moisturization: Once the face pack is completely removed, use a soft towel to dry your face yet again. Once the face is dry, you can get ready for the next step, that is, moisturization.

Summing up

This is what it looks like to include a charcoal face pack in your skincare regimen. If you use the face mask twice a week religiously, you will get to notice how clean and bright your face looks. The skin will become soft, smooth, and radiant naturally, and you will be able to enjoy your naturally glowing skin always.

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