What’s the Best Way to Move Cross Country?

Do you feel like it’s time to move homes? In 2019, around 7.4 million Americans moved from one state to another, with the majority relocating to the Western states. This is about 200,000 fewer Americans who moved homes to a different state than in 2018.

Among the reasons that prompt families to move include cheaper housing, change in marital status, and education needs. Some also move because of health reasons or eviction. Whichever reasons are prompting you to move, you want the best experience possible.

So, what’s the best way to move cross country? How do you save money while also ensuring you don’t lose your household goods? Here are some tips.

Choose the Best Moving Time

If you’re going to save money, choose the best time when moving cross country. You should avoid peak seasons when movers charge top rates. For instance, most Americans prefer to move between May and early September, when the weather is conducive.

Moreover, moving services tend to be higher in demand during the first and last days of every month. Movers will also charge premium rates if you move during weekends. In that case, shift when the supply and demand of moving services are at equilibrium.

Purging Your Belongings Can Be the Best Way to Move Cross Country

Moving cross country with bulky items will be expensive. The same applies to fragile household goods that require special attention during transportation. To lighten your load and save on moving costs, it will help if you purge some of your belongings.

There are many ways of disposing of what you no longer need. You can do a yard sale or reach out to second-hand buyers. You can also sell your items on the internet. Alternatively, donate some household goods to a charity before moving.

How to Hire Movers at Affordable Rates

Should I hire a mover? Depending on the number of your household goods, it can be best to do so.

Get on the internet and research “how to hire a mover” to get useful tips for saving money. You’ll learn how to avoid parking fees and any hidden costs.

After researching, shortlist the potential companies before comparing their rates. Go with the company that agrees to work within your budget without sacrificing service quality. Most importantly, don’t commit to large deposits.

Rent a Portable Moving Container

Moving companies will charge you affordable rates if you have all your household goods in one place. Portable moving containers will give you less stress because you can use them to store your goods after the actual move.

Moreover, you’re the only one who will have access to the household goods stored inside. Check out these companies and compare your options for moving containers to save more.

Is it Possible to Move Yourself?

Sometimes, handling the logistics yourself is the best way to move cross country, especially if you don’t have many items. Say you don’t have furniture or any bulk items; you can ship the rest of your belongings to your new home.

As for you, you can choose to drive there or book a flight, depending on the distance.

Moving Cross Country Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

Moving homes should be a time of rejoicing, especially if you’re upgrading. Use our guide to determine the best way to move cross country. Whether you should hire a professional mover or not depends on your household goods and aesthetic preferences.

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