What should you eat after surgery ?

Nowadays, plastic surgery is widely popular. whether Double eyelid surgery, nose, mouth and other body parts are increasing year by year. Because most people have a need to develop themselves to look better. To enhance confidence and a good personality for yourself all the time. But one important factor that should not be ignored is Taking care of yourself after surgery like eating Because now we will be able to eat everything. So today I would like to add some food that should be eaten or should be omitted during the post-surgery period. In order to make the surgical wound from surgery to be restored properly Make the wound into place and heal more quickly.

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Foods to eat after surgery

When doing surgery, we should pay attention to everything. Every detail as prescribed by the doctor and should eat foods that are beneficial to the body or foods that will help speed up the recovery of surgical wounds to heal faster. Because choosing to eat useful nutrients after surgery is another important issue and we should pay attention to the beauty of the wound and the safety of the body. Especially during the first surgery, there may be swelling and inflammation of the surgical wound. First, look for soft foods that are easy to eat. Not too hard because it may cause our wounds that have been affected. We therefore need to find a helper that is easy to eat and helps to relieve inflammation. Accelerate the dissolution of new wound swelling so that the wound can enter as quickly as possible.

1. Water

Water is the most important mechanism in the human body to keep every organ in the body in balance. Because our body is made up of 70% water, if we drink the right amount of water for the body. Will result in skin cells getting moisture. The surgical wound will heal better. After the surgery, try not to dehydrate your body. Because it may result in the death of skin cells. can increase the pain of the wound It also causes the water to not transport oxygen and nutrients to the wound fully. The wound after surgery can heal more slowly. Therefore, we should consume at least 7 to 8 glasses of water a day, enough to meet the needs of the body. For good health and a body that can recover quickly after the surgery

2. Protein

It is a good source of nutrients to repair the worn out parts of the muscles. As a result, the wound after surgery will heal faster. tissue cells to coordinate more quickly The wound heals faster, the wound comes out beautiful and also builds the immune system of the body. Make the body stronger as well. At present, it is the approach of modern physicians. That often adds protein in the diet to be higher for those who have to undergo surgery with meat, eggs, milk.

3. Good fats

It is a nutrient that is very useful. Which contributes to the process of stimulating cell membrane repair, thereby improving wound healing after surgery. Including reducing the risk of inflammation and infection with fresh wounds as well, Good fats are found in rice bran oil, sesame oil, almonds, and peanuts, both helping to heal wounds and have health benefits.

4. Iron

Iron helps in the synthesis of protein and collagen, thus helping in the healing of the wound after surgery for faster wound healing and also helping to prevent infection of the wound as well. Most leafy green vegetables are high in iron, such as morning glory, spinach, and broccoli. You should consume at least 15 milligrams of the mineral.

5. Foods with Vitamin C

After the surgery was completed The body produces a large number of free radicals. Therefore, when we eat foods that contain vitamin C such as fruits such as guavas, oranges, cherries, strawberries, kiwis, it will help in the formation of tissues in the body to coordinate quickly. It helps to accelerate the healing of wounds and makes the capillaries stronger as well.

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