What are the responsibilities of an employer under workers’ compensation?

If a person suffers work-related injuries or illness, they are entitled to get the worker’s compensation benefits, and a worker’s compensation lawyer in Phoenix can help you get your right.

Let’s have a look at several responsibilities that the employees have in relation to workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation insurance

In most of the American States, it is necessary for companies to purchase workers’ compensation insurance for their employees, and in some states, it is allowed for companies to self insure and small companies are exempted from the earlier mentioned condition. If a company is not exempted and is found to be without insurance, they face repercussions like fines and even criminal prosecution.

No discrimination against the employee seeking benefits

It is not surprising that employers more often than not don’t like the employees who file for the worker’s compensation benefits, but no matter how much they frown upon it, they cannot discriminate against that employee in the workplace. Even if the employee gets discriminated against, or harassed in any other form, the rights of that employee allow them to get justice under the tort ” retaliatory discharge.”

It is not necessary that only steps like firing the employee count as retaliation, but this law also covers more subtle types of discrimination like a reduction in salary, or discriminatory behavior in general.

Additional duties of the employer

Apart from providing for the workers’ compensation, the employer has to perform several duties like the following:

  • They are supposed to post a notice regarding compliance with the workers’ compensation laws in a place at the job site.
  • If an employee is hurt during the job, I have to provide emergency medical treatment immediately for the employees.
  • There is a board called the workers’ compensation board, if an employee is hurt, the employer has to send a report of injury to the nearest board office.
  • If the employee who is injured is not fit for selecting a doctor for the course of further medical attention, the employer must do that on their behalf.
  • If the workers’ compensation board asks for any further information regarding the accident, the employer has a duty to co-operate with them completely.

These are the duties of an employer regarding any case of workers compensation, failing to fufill them will lead to strict actions being taken against the employer.

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