Types Of AC Gases That You May Need

Imagine you are sitting in your room and chilling. The chilled air circulating in the room is the only thing worth a damn in the summer. Imagine you getting winded, melting to the cold atmosphere, but suddenly the air conditioner starts giving off warm air.

While it is true that there might be many reasons why your air conditioner might stop working, has it ever crossed your mind that your refrigerant in the air conditioner might be at fault as well? If you think that the air conditioner does not have refrigerants, then think again because it does.

As uncommon as it sounds, air conditioners come with refrigerants. As you must repair the air conditioner or the parts of the machinery to keep it functional years after years, it also needs to be noted that refrigerant doesn’t necessarily run out.

The refrigerant in the air conditioner will last for as long as it continues to exist. However, due to circumstances related to vents and refrigerant lines, you may need to conduct an AC gas filling. But before you call the experts, know your gases.

Types Of Ac Gases That You Must Know

Did you know that every air conditioner does not work with the common type of refrigerant? That is why we have compiled a list of air conditioner gases that you must know.

  • R410A

Commonly known as Puron, which follows the brand name itself, this one is one of the latest types of gases that have been used in air conditioners. R410A is used in all the latest air conditioners nowadays. The gas is also a hydro-fluorocarbon or HFC. Hence, it does not affect the ozone layer. Because of this feature, the R410A has become one of the US’s major residential air conditioning systems starting from 2015.

  • R22

Commonly we know this refrigerant gas as Freon, which also likes the R410A follows. It is a brand name. It is a hydro-chlorofluorocarbon. Hence, it will create an effect on ozone layer depletion. It is because of this reason why many chose to drop the application of this gas. R22 was discontinued for usage in any residential air conditioner. The dire effects it has on nature has been the talk among environmentalists for years.

Let’s talk about the performance difference between R22 and R410A

When it comes to differences, the R410A gas has better heat transfer efficiency. Therefore, the air conditioner unit has to do less work for a similar amount of cooling. So, in other words, the air conditioner unit will have a better life. However, R410A works at a higher pressure than R22. So, you must not go for the R22 air conditioner with R410A because the compressor will run the chance of getting exploded.

But when it comes to R22, it has been ruled out from the result of the usage of just the residential air conditioners that it should not be used due to its harmful effect on the environment. These days, many manufacturers are choosing to provide conversion kits for older air conditioners to make them more R410A compatible.

While it is safer for an upgrade, it is also an expensive option. What we mean is that upgrading your air conditioner refrigerant to R410A is expensive. That is why you must always go for an R410A compatible air conditioner.

What are some of the Reasons for AC gas Leakage?

There are multiple reasons why you may need AC gas filled with refrigerants. Below we have listed some of the crucial reasons to get AC service done.

  • Manufacturing Defect

Every manufacturing procedure is not fully free of errors; there is bound to be something that may go unplanned. Even more so, if humans are involved in the procedures, it may include some minor issues. For example, there are multiple joints and welds which could cause a leak to occur. Moreover, if the installation procedure is not conducted precisely, the leakage will ultimately occur at any moment.

  • Incorrect Installation

Vital parts of an air conditioner installation include making flare nut connections and bending the copper pipes. Moreover, ironically, these are the most common areas where refrigerant leaks may occur as well. To avoid such a thing, make sure that you ask the installer to seal the flare nuts with Teflon tape. Moreover, ask them to bend the copper pipes using a tube bender. It will help them thoroughly.

  • Regular Wear And Tear May Be At Fault As Well

Air conditioners are normally pressurized units. So, as you must know, with time, the bolts and the machinery joints are bound to become weak and even develop a leak. If such a thing appears, you may need to contact the AC repair and maintenance service provider company to provide you with an excellent technician. However, keep in mind that the AC gas filling charges may differ depending on the issues.

Signs That Tell You That You Need Refrigerant

Let’s get this straight; refrigerant shouldn’t be used as you fill up the gas in the car. So you only need refrigerant if there is a leak somewhere. And to know where the leak has occurred, you need the help of the air conditioner ner technician. The signs that you may follow are,

  • Despite running all day, the AC does not cool your home
  • Your AC cannot absorb the heat of the home
  • High energy bills
  • Ice on the refrigerant line

Ending note

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, along with hissing noises from the machine, ensure that you get the technician to help. Keep in mind the AC gas filling charges as well.

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