Top 9 Uses for Floodlights

Picture this: you’ve just spent hundreds of dollars renovating and landscaping your beautiful backyard. It looks fantabulous! And you wish to show it off to the world.

BUT there’s a big problem. The only time your handiwork is perfectly visible to the world is when it’s daytime when the sun blazes in the sky.

If there’s a cloudy, rainy, or snowy day, then your backyard is completely invisible. No one can see it and interpret your awesomeness.

No fear! That’s where floodlights come in. Floodlights ‘flood’ an area with light and are a convenient and cheap way of highlighting your home, art, or backyard.

Read on to see some uses of floodlights and why you need a floodlight installation in your home or business asap.

1. Carports and Garages

Do you have an open carport or garage? Are you worried about your precious and expensive car, RV, or boat that you are storing in there?

A floodlight can illuminate your carport and garage with much-needed light, so that thieves, burglars, or other unscrupulous people are less likely to come knocking. That’s one big advantage of lighting up the important parts of your home.

2. Backyard Installations

As mentioned earlier, there’s no point in spending hundreds of dollars on renovating or landscaping your backyard if no one (including you) can appreciate its beauty and aesthetic. That’s why floodlights, that can shed light on your backyard when guests are visiting or when you are enjoying a quiet night at home, are crucial.

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3. Art in Your Home

If you have a small piece of art that you wish to highlight in your home, then you would use a spotlight vs floodlight. BUT if you have a huge art installation in your front yard or backyard, that you wish to illuminate, that’s where a floodlight would come into play.

4. Manufacturing Plants and Construction Sites

This is more a business use of a smart floodlight or LED floodlight, but manufacturing plants and construction sites, especially at night can be dangerous places that can attract all sorts of nefarious people. That’s why it’s important to help your security guards out by having floodlights in place.

This way your security guards and other employees can walk around the area, without fearing for their life and not worrying about a misstep or two. There’s also no need for them to carry flashlights around, and worry about battery usage on their phones. This will reduce liability issues for your company as well, which is always a beneficial thing.

5. Architectural Buildings and Monuments

Do you own a house or business that’s located in an architectural or historic building? Perhaps it’s an old building that’s been present since the days gone past. Or maybe it’s a building where something significant happened, like the signing of the Declaration of Independence or it was a residence for a well-known artist or politician.

Whatever may be the case, you will want to use floodlights to highlight specific parts of your architectural building or monument, to ensure that passersby can see it in all its glory, without having to squint, use iPhone flashlights, or something else inane.

6. Façades

The front area of a building, be it a house, business, or condo building, is called a façade. There are many different lighting techniques used by experts to highlight and spotlight the front of the building, especially if there’s artwork or something else crucial printed or painted upon it.

If you have the logo of your company or the pictures of all products printed on the front of your building, you will want to use floodlights to cast light upon them.

7. Ports

As a port is open 24/7, it requires additional lighting at nighttime, when people are still using it to its fullest. With the right kind of floodlight installation, everyone who uses the port can rest assured that they don’t have to worry about falling into potholes or cracks in the street, and breaking their ankle. Also, it keeps burglars and vandals at bay, which keeps your costs down.

8. American Flag

Are you a proud American who’s patriotic and proud of his/her country and wants to show that pride off to the world? That’s quite understandable. And a solar light flag is a great way to do this.

You can floodlight your American flag and ensure that no matter what time of day, your symbol of honor is lit up bright.

In addition, the flag code guidelines dictate that the American flag be flown through day and night, with the proper lighting, so that people recognize at a glance that it’s an American flag. There will be no mistakes regarding this when you are using a LED floodlight.

9. Gardens and Front Yards

If you have worn awards for your front yard, or you have a wildflower garden in front of your home that you are especially proud of, then no need to keep that under a bushel. Use a LED floodlight to elucidate to the entire world that you are proud of your accomplishment, and nothing is holding you back from winning next year.

Even strangers passing by your home need to know about the beauty of your garden and front yard. No need to be humble now.

Floodlights Highlight the Parts of Your World That Need It

It’s easy to forget about something if it’s in the dark and forgotten part of the world. But with floodlights, no part of your world needs to suffer like this anymore.

Use floodlights to illuminate parts of your home or business that need it, using LED lights that are cheap to light up, don’t use up too much electricity, and are easy to replace and repair.

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