The secret to choosing the right pair of shoe

For any outfit, Shoes are important. It either balances out the entire outfit or throws it off. You obviously cannot wear flip-flops to a dinner date with a dress. Shoes are historically important as they protect one’s feet against their environment. Feet are often ignored to complement a certain outfit. Heels for ages have been so uncomfortable and caused pain to oneself, yet it has been a staple style statement for any occasion. Today, shoes can be a statement piece which is a combination of style and comfort. It has become a form of self-expression.

So how can you choose the best shoe for any occasion? Here are some of the best tips to always hit the mark with your shoes.

Do not plan your outfit around shoes.

A lot of people just want to put together an outfit just because they want to wear a pair of shoes. They either match the colour or just wear their favourite outfit just to enjoy wearing their favourite pair of shoes. That’s a crime the fashion police will surely arrest you for. Save your shoes for the right occasion and make them worth it.

Dress for the occasion

You should also remember the dress code or the occasion you are attending so that you never make a mistake with your shoes. Men can pair a classy Oxford shoe with any formal attire or a semi-formal one. Women can try classic heels, wedges or kitten heels for formal events. You can never go wrong if you dress right.

Season matters

Always dress according to the seasons. While summers can be spent wearing flip flops, sandals, and wedges, winter surely needs some good old sneakers and boots. Winters are best for bright colours. Try pairing a beige skirt and black turtleneck with a yellow knee-high boot. You will surely be turning some heads.

Know the sport

Did you know that athletic shoes are made differently for different sports? So when you are shopping for athletic shoes, you need to tell them which sport you are going to use the shoe for. It is important that your shoes provide you with comfort.

In all, shoes make an individual stand out if you can do it right. Make sure that you are always comfortable and ready to rule the world!

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