The emerging real-estate market in Sydney

Sydney is no stranger to the world. Known worldwide for its tourist attractions and beaches, it offers a fulfilling experience for any tourist.

Does that mean it forgets about its locals? Far from it! With the assistance of buyers agents, Sydney offers unbelievable property rates. Along with Melbourne, it is one of the only Australian cities with a minimal increase in prices for 2021.

Looking at some hard statistics will strengthen this belief.

The growth rate

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, house prices in Sydney increased by a mere 0.4% to $1,374,970. On the other hand, apartment prices declined by 0.2%. The said prices totalled a value of $835,104.

Coincidentally, Sydney house rates still ended up 29.1% higher than when they started. Even so, the growth rate is still lesser than that of a city like Brisbane.

Based on the data, it’s a very natural question to ask: What is driving these rates down?


Fluctuation of property markets can occur due to a multitude of reasons. As a result, these may directly or indirectly contribute to the volatility.


 A significant reason is the wage momentum not keeping up with the property surge. AMP capital concluded that property prices have risen to a whopping 317% over the same period. On the other hand, wages have only grown meagre of 106%.

 Seller’s market

The supply-demand ratio is a mess, with supply being higher than demand. As a result, there are more homes and a diminishing number of buyers.

Moreover, due to a decrease in immigration, property listings have taken another blow.

 Trends in expenditure

A number of consumers prefer to spend on services as lockdown restrictions ease, and that affects the funds required to purchase an apartment.

With the market being largely open now, people prefer to spend their earnings on simple pleasures.

 Increase in buffer

The Australian Prudential Regulation authority increased the minimum buffer rates provided by banks.

The change was from 2.5 per cent, which was commonly used, to 3.0 per cent points. The result led to a demotivated market that would refrain from taking loans now. Fortunately, this was in 2021, which changed in the subsequent year.

 Should you invest?

Coming to the burning question. Is it the right time to invest in Sydney’s property market?

The answer is yes. The current rates don’t do it justice for a city that houses attractions like the Sydney Opera House, clean beaches, and a buzzing shopping district. Moreover, investing now would mean a head start in the market.

In addition, the mortgage rates have been recording low numbers, and it means a blessing for the market soon.

Forecasts have concluded that idx solutions during extended lockdowns, the real estate market of Sydney has sustained respectable growth.

An easier way to learn about the markets can be done by communicating with buyers’ agents in Sydney. The lure of a negotiated interest rate could be too juicy to pass up!


In the end, the decision to invest in real estate is a gamble. Although if studied adequately, it can fetch you guaranteed returns and double your initial investment.

Sydney’s flexibility in being a location for both leisure and business is unmatched.

So go ahead, contact your nearest agent and get the process started!

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