The Different Types and Functions of Rain Gun Sprinklers

With the increased inventions of new machines and technology, farming is not be left behind. Since invention cannot be limited to certain areas, farming is also needing new machines.Only through this  we can guarantee food security for the ever-growing population in the world.

What is a Rain Gun?

This is just a high-performancedevice used for irrigation. They are mostly big-scale farmers. They have a variety of uses and applications specialized in how they are designed. Especially where there is high flow and an extended radius of water to be sprinkled. This is one of the best irrigation devices that is recommended for farmers.

Rain Gun sprinkler


  • They sprinklelarge areas of surface
  • Has aflexible jet breaker, which determines droplets’ size and impacts on plants?
  • Minimum component to startthe system
  • Comes with swappable nozzles, this helps in flexibility when irrigating different crops

Where They are Used

  1. Irrigating field crops like sugarcane, wheat, and others
  2. Tea and coffee plantations
  3. Forage crops and green pastures
  4. In suppressing dust in mines and thermal power stations

Their Components

  • The key line pipes are PVC, HDPE, and Aluminum
  • Sub key lines pipes which are Rain guns, Impact type, pelican gear drive type
  • Skipper which can be Tripod stand for rain gain or a tripods stand
  • Camlock fittings, which are female coupling, male burped coupling, or end plug


There are six types of rain guns

The Impact rain gun

Penguin pelican

Flamingo Rain Gun

The skipper


Triangular spacing


When installing the rain gun sprinkler, the pipes that are required need to have a high nominal pressure which is  8 bars and above. This helps the pipes to avoid a split. The main gun on a tripod stand has to be screwed directly, or you can also use the cam lock for quick couplingfittings. Furthermore, ensure it is properly tightened, the other thing is people should be one meter away when it’s in rotation to avoid the risk of being harmed. Use the diffuser screw when adjusting water droplet size and if the Rain gun sprinkler is not rotating contact the nearest dealer.


  • They are more durable and highly energy efficient
  • Covers a larger area hence no need for many machines.
  • Reduced labor costs as the skill required are minimal.
  • Time-efficient and savings on diesel.
  • Easy installation, assembly, and maintaining
  • Saves water for irrigation


  • Difficult to sprinkle in an area with many trees
  • The machines and their pipes are heavy
  • High temperatures during the day causeevaporating loss
  • Not suitable for areas with high-velocity winds.
  • Repairs and maintenancerequire qualified technicians.

I conclude by saying it’s safe for farmers with big farming projects to ensure they use this gun rain. Considering its features and how it performs their is a likelihood of high yields for those planting crops in a large area like sugarcane or wheat. Get your rain gun today and transform your farming.

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