The attack that ended Eric Cantona’s career

France is well known for producing some tough football players. These players play in teams from all over the world, and give great chances at 1xBet Bangladesh to wager. One of these excellent players is Eric Cantona. During the 1980s and 1990s he was one of the best attackers in the world. In those years, he played in squads such as:

  • Auxerre;
  • Marseille;
  • Leeds United;
  • and Manchester United.

When he was an active player, he was a prolific forward. He scored lots and lots of goals in all the teams where he played. However, he is most famous due to his incredible career at Manchester United. In fact, after arriving at the Red Devils during 1992, he was one of the key players for the squad coached by Sir Alex Ferguson. During this stint, he helped the Manchester team to become one of the powerhouses at the English and even European level. The Frenchman and others helped to build the great Manchester United that punters at Bangladesh 1xBet and fans enjoy and love.

However, his excellent ability on the field contrasted greatly with his disciplinary record. Cantona was well-recognized for his outbursts and outspokenness in and out of the field. This made him have big issues with other players, coaches and even referees.

The infamous incident

While nobody can deny Cantona’s incredible talent, the truth is that most people remember him due to the so-called “kung-fu” incident he had with a Crystal Palace fan. Occurrences like this can be gambled on with the 1xBet promo code Bangladesh, which can be used for bets on red cards, and many other things that happen in a match.

On January the 25th, 1995, the Red Devils faced Crystal Palace. No one imagined what would happen at this event. Cantona was shown a red card after he kicked Palace’s Richard Shaw. The Frenchman was leaving the field, when suddenly, a Palace fan approached and started to insult him. 

Cantona certainly didn’t like those words. He jumped and kicked this fan in a “kung-fu” style. After that, he started to punch him numerous times.

The player not only received a lengthy football ban, he also received a two-week prison sentence. However, his lawyers managed to overturn this verdict. Finally, the FA banned the player for eight months. Later, FIFA announced that this ban would apply in the rest of the world. This meant that even if he moved to a different team in another country, he would still be unable to play.

The player eventually returned to play at the Red Devils, on which the 1xBet Bangladesh promo code can be used to wager in all their matches. However, things didn’t go too well in the international front for Cantona, as he was never again chosen for the national team.

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