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Your first pregnancy scan at 6 weeks can be a very exciting and nerve-wracking experience. However, it is important to remember that it is not always the same as what you might expect. The ultrasound technician will want to take a few key measurements, including your baby’s size and sex, in order to determine how far along you are.

At six weeks, you should expect to see a heartbeat in the womb. This is the first time that you will see your baby’s heart. Having a heartbeat is a momentous occasion, and it is important to take a moment to cherish the moment. Sonographers will examine the position of your baby’s heartbeat, and will also check for other signs of the fetus.

Your first pregnancy scan at six weeks is a great way to see your baby and to rule out ectopic pregnancy. It will also help your doctor determine how many weeks you are pregnant. It is also an important way to check for internal bleeding. You should also be aware of any changes in your pelvic organs.

Your doctor may order two ultrasounds in the early stages of pregnancy to monitor your baby’s growth and development. You may also be given an early ultrasound if you are receiving fertility support. However, most doctors recommend waiting until six weeks to schedule your first pregnancy scan.

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