Summer Dresses That Are both Stylish and Casual

Warm and bright days have arrived, and while the concept of shedding the sweat and winter load is no doubt exciting, our collective seasonal quandary has begun: what to wear? This is often true for moms who are fashion cops and can’t miss the prospect of keeping up with the latest trends.

A healthy change from go-to dresses, fashionable loungewear and comfy (but not too casual) shorts is essential. Let’s look at some beautiful summer styles for moms and babies to wear this year!

Invest in classic staples and Be Runway Ready

A-line maxi skirts: Simple white mommy and me tops might be a summer favourite but is oh-so-pretty when styled with a floral-tiered midi skirt. Wear it with white sneakers or woven sandals for a summer look.

Chino Shorts: Pleats will never go out of style! When the weather warms up, these pleated shorts feel incredibly lightweight.

Wear these with an eye-catching bright mommy, and my top and beautiful platform slides whenever you need to get out the door quickly.

Romper: Wear it over a lingerie suit or bra top. It looks great either way! Add a stunning straw bag, flat sandals and gold hoop earrings to tie it together.

Halter Tops: A cutaway shirt is the perfect mommy and me tops when paired with breezy pants. This outfit will earn you all the compliments without looking forced.

Puff Sleeve Dress: Tent dresses are among the most talked-about summer fashions in 2022 as there is a growing demand for combining comfort and style.

Low-Waist Jeans: High-rise jeans might have ruled our wardrobes for over a decade, but in the summer of 2022, things are way 00s because the low-slung waist is moving back to the forefront of our clothing awareness.

It’s all about covering the stomach, so there’s no point in going for a low rise and burying it under an elongated sweater.

Go as deep as you dare, then top it off with a short mommy and me top for total Y2K drama.

Pleated Skirts: The pleated skirt was one of the main wearable trends to emerge from this round of the fashion shows, and although there were a bit of scattered mini iterations reminiscent of the influencer’s current summer favourite, the tennis skirt, the pleated midi is all for Season ’22.

Other than that, there are no rules. Printed, simple, colourful, monochrome, knitwear or bralette – as long as it’s pleated, you’re on the right track. We are happy to see a trend that continues without end.

White suits and Co-Ords: Suits may have slipped off the fashion radar for several months while parts of the world have resorted to the performance of loungewear, but the old staples are back with a fury this season.

Crisp white and crammed with eye-catching detailing from waist ties to contrasting black hardware and salient shoulders, these outfits will make returning to your commute even more enjoyable.

A trouser suit may be a stylish option if you want to wear something aside from a conventional wedding gown.

As temperatures soar, so does the urge to ditch any remaining cold-weather staples in favour of shorts, tank tops and breezy dresses. But as you realise, summer ensembles aren’t just made up of classic staples.

Get the chic mommy and me tops moms to kickstart the twinning game this summer! So what else should we be wearing this summer to beat the heat? What are the most influential fashion trends for summer 2022, and which of them relate to our unique style?

Say goodbye to sweater season and welcome summer to your wardrobes with the help of this guide!

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