Semi-truck accident in Albuquerque: What to do next?

A semi-truck may not be as huge as an 18-wheeler, but these are still big vehicles. If you end up in an accident involving a semi-truck in Albuquerque, you must follow the basic steps to protect your rights. Depending on the circumstances, you could potentially sue the liable party for damages. The settlement will help cover your losses related to the accident, including lost wages and current & future medical treatments. It is also wise to consult a semi truck accident lawyer in Albuquerque to understand your claim. Here are some steps you must follow immediately after the accident. 

  1. Call for medical help. If you have sustained injuries or someone needs medical assistance, do not delay calling 911. It doesn’t matter whether the trucker was at fault. You have to get help and remember, if you are not trained, don’t try to move the injured – you may end up causing more harm. 
  2. Inform the police. Following a semi-truck accident, you have to inform the police. Call the local law enforcement, and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. The truck driver may want to “settle” things, but don’t fall for those tricks. When an investigating officer arrives at the scene, answer their questions but do not admit fault or blame anyone. 
  3. Gather evidence. If your phone is in a working condition, take photos of the scene, including the semi-truck involved and your injuries. This is crucial evidence that will come in handy if you decide to file a lawsuit later. Also, check if there are witnesses to the accident and note down their details. 

Call a semi-truck accident lawyer

Accidents involving commercial vehicles and semi-trucks often cause huge losses, and the typical settlement tends to be higher. Ensure that you contact a local lawyer in Albuquerque. Most law firms offer a free initial consultation for clients, and you can ask the attorney about the worth of your claim. Do not deal with the insurance company directly without a lawyer. Also, lawyers can help gather details that will only strengthen your case. If the offer from the other side is too low, your lawyer can take the matter to court. You don’t have to pay an attorney until you have won, which is a contingency fee arrangement. This is the standard norm for most auto accident claims and injury lawsuits. 

Don’t let someone’s mistake ruin your life – Call an attorney today for a free assessment of your semi-truck accident claim. 

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