Rugby is one of the most popular sports for sports betting

Rugby may not be the top sport in Thailand compared to other sports. But it is a sport that has a solid fan base. It makes rugby betting a sports bet worth mentioning. Rugby is a sport that originated in England in the 18th century, adapted from football different that instead of using feet like football each is carrying the child to run to the opposite door to score instead. Rugby football has significant tournaments throughout the year and a wide range of popular professional leagues competing in many countries around the world. Even in Thailand, rugby is not very popular. But betting on this kind of sport is also a way that can be profitable as well. UFABET offers you many famous sports for betting.

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Rules of rugby betting

Before discussing the rules of rugby betting. Here you introduce the basic rules of rugby which are mainly of two types, 15s rugby and 7 rugby, which will help you make better rugby betting:

Rugby 15

  • There are 15 players per side. Less is allowed, but there must be at least five players in the Scramble throughout the game. If there is an injured player, it can be temporarily changed, but it will not be able to play again in the event of a permanent change.
  • Each match shall not exceed 80 minutes, plus any extra time or lapsed time, divided into two halves, each halving of 40 minutes not exceeding 10 minutes at halftime. The total extra time of play may be more than 80 minutes.
  • Kick the ball in the center of the court to reach the opponent’s 10m line at the first and second half. The way to play on the court is to catch the ball, run with the ball, and pass the ball to someone else. Pass the ball by kicking, snatching, matching the opponent, Scram Rach, throwing in the field, and putting the ball in the opponent’s goal area. But playing is forbidden to break the rules. If any side can score, the other side will set up a new kick. If the side starts to kick into the 10 m line, the opponent does not play the ball out of play by hitting the ball in his goal area. To do a scram in the middle of the field, and the opponent puts a scram ball.
  • If a try scores 5 points, a goal kick is awarded two more points after a try is counted as one goal, a penalty kick is awarded 3 points, and a free-kick is awarded a drop-kick of 3 points score.

Rugby 7 players

  • There are 12 players on each side, seven players on the field at a time, and the rest are substitutes that can all be switched down. But the person who has been replaced will not be able to switch back down. (Except for those who go out to provide first aid, if it disappears back in time, it can come back again. All players on the same team must wear the same uniform.
  • The game is divided into two halves of 7 minutes each with a 1-minute break between halves. To extend the time out for 5 minutes each time.
  • Can play the ball by kicking it or holding it in your hand and running to bring your child forward. But passing the ball from the hand to a teammate must be sent only behind or side. If passing the ball with your hands forward or causing the ball to fall out of the hand and fall forward, there must be a Scram by the other party who has put the child into the Scram.
  • Placing a try by bringing the ball to the goal area will get 5 points and get a kicking change (Conversion) by having to kick from the point where the ball is pressed. Drag it out along the line parallel to the sideline as much as you want. (So ​​if you put a try on the edge of the field, it’s a bit difficult to kick) If you enter, you will get two more points.
  • Money Line is a form of football betting (แทงบอลออนไลน์) on the outcome of a match on which team will win.
  • HDP (Handicap) is a bet on who will win the match with the odds of scoring as stated.
  • O/U (Over/Under) is a bet on the outcome of an Over/under match.
  • O/E (Odd/Even) is a bet on the total score of an Even/odd match.
  • The tournament Champion is betting on the team that wins the tournament.

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