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After the huge success of the original Mahjong Ways, Joker Slots provided us with a follow up which is equally exciting. The sequel Mahjong Ways 2 is basically a five by four video slot that is based on the traditional Chinese board game of mahjong.

The slot has enticing bonus free spins equipped with an expanding multiplier and a lucrative wild symbol. If you are already intrigued with this slot game, then we will provide you with more information regarding this classic slot.

Theme and Graphics

The game is inspired by the game of mahjong, which is a Chinese board game traditionally played by four players shuffling a stack of painted tiles to create a winning hand. This PG slot is a tribute to the century-old game and it simulates the board game with a hefty amount of beautiful graphics and amazing soundtrack.

Just like the original, the background is dressed in a single-hued gradient backdrop but the sequel has azure colour in contrast to the fiery red of the original game. Aside from the colour change, the graphics and most of the interface were also updated.

What doesn’t change is the traditional Chinese music in the background and you can still hear the same music in this sequel.

Honestly, this game doesn’t change much aside from what we mentioned above, much of the interface is intact and the controls and buttons are still the same with the original Mahjong Ways.

The only downside to this game and its predecessor is that most of the symbols are confusing for non-Chinese players. Although, the solution could be checking the pay tables but sometimes it is too time-consuming.

RTP and Volatility

Mahjong Ways 2 has an RTP (return-to-player) percentage of 96.95%  in its demo version, which is comparable to the 96.92% RTP of Mahjong Ways just like in เบท365. This classic slot also has a medium volatility which can provide players with small wins frequently.

Bet Sizes and Paytable

The game has no specific information regarding the minimum and maximum bet sizes however it does provide a pay table for the list of possible payouts.

For the top scoring symbols, five icons could give the players 50 times their initial bet, four items could provide 25 times their wager, and three symbols could yield ten times their bet.

As for the lowest scoring symbols, five icons could give the players eight times their original bet, four items could yield three times their wager, and three symbols could provide players with the same amount of their bet.

For those of you who do not understand Chinese characters, we suggest that you consult the paytable available on the game for the full list of the payouts attainable in this slot depending on the tile.

Bonus Features

Mahjong Ways 2 also has a unique bonus spin round in which players have a maximum bonus multiplier that can be increased up to 10 times their bet. When this feature is triggered, all of the icons on reel three except the scatter and wild symbol will transform into gold-plated mahjong symbols.

Additionally, while on the winning spin, the polished, gold-plated mahjong icons will turn into wild symbols. What this means is that, you will create never-ending chances of adding payout to your prize pool.

Final Verdict

All in all, this sequel to the Mahjong Ways could stand on its own if not being compared to the original one. If the question is which one is better, then this slot game is a huge improvement because PG Slot updated the graphics and made the bonus features more exciting to play. Nevertheless, we recommend that you play this game first in demo mode.

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