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For less than two million euros, you can buy a luxurious French chateau. These estates can be purchased for pleasure or as a business venture. Depending on your needs, they can range from small Logis to huge stately homes with acres of land, woods, and lakes. Many have guest houses and outbuildings as well.

French chateaus are typically located in the countryside with more than a hectare of land. A small chateau in a suburban neighborhood won’t be as expensive, but a large estate will be much more expensive. Large estates also often have multiple income streams, including timber and wine production.

If you are planning to renovate your chateau, you can also benefit from French government grants to help pay for the work. For example, a chateau that has been listed as a historic monument is eligible for grant funds for renovations. It will also qualify for tax rebates. Moreover, opening a chateau as a private business will bring you added benefits.

Buying a chateau is an investment that requires careful consideration. Before buying, be sure to consult an estate agent and an advisor with expertise in French taxation. Depending on the size and state of preservation, it could cost several hundred thousand euros to renovate. In addition, you’ll need to budget for running costs after renovations. On average, a medium-sized chateau will require a budget of EUR80,000 a year.

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