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When you purchase a wig, you can do many different things with it. For example, you can use brush rollers to create different styles. You can also part your wig using a wide tooth comb. A wig that has a monofilament top can be parted like this.

You can also use hair foundation on some wigs to mimic your scalp. Others may require plucking hair to mimic a natural part. However, not all parts are the same, so you will have to determine the width and density of your natural part. Then, you can adjust the lace to fit along your hairline.

There are four different types of human hair used in wigs. Asian hair is the most common and can be found in most wigs. However, Chinese hair has a thicker denier and is more resistant to curls and can be more difficult to style. Other hair types that are less expensive are Indian and Indonesian hair. European hair has a finer denier and is more expensive due to the limited supply.

Another option is to purchase a wig that is heat resistant. Compared to natural human hair, these wigs are much cheaper and are also more eco-friendly. Monofilament wigs are also more affordable than other wigs, and will become more common in the future. For now, they are an excellent alternative to other wigs on the market.

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