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There are many different types of investments. One type of investment is a savings account. This account pays you interest on the amount you deposit regularly. Another type of investment is a certificate of deposit. Like a savings account, certificates of deposit offer good interest rates. Inflation-protected securities are also a great choice for low-risk investors.

Exchange-traded funds are similar to index funds but can be traded throughout the day. They also tend to have lower taxation and management fees. However, exchange-traded funds come with higher risks than index funds. Other types of investments are cash equivalents, which are low-risk, liquid and intended for short-term investing. Common cash equivalent investments include corporate commercial papers and bank CDs.

Commodity prices are determined by the supply and demand of an asset. The price of a commodity fluctuates widely, and can be cyclical or volatile. A temporary shortage can create wild price swings. In addition, commodity prices move in long cycles, with prices declining for several years, and then rising for a similar period. To trade commodities, you need a special brokerage account. These accounts are usually reserved for professionals.

The most common form of investment is stock. Stocks are a good choice for the average investor, since they tend to perform well over the long term. However, stocks can be riskier than other investments. A good portfolio made up of a wide variety of common stocks should do well.

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