Reasons Why Tracking Crypto Portfolio is Important

You can monitor the overall number and value of your cryptocurrencies in real-time across all wallets, exchanges, platforms, and blockchains using a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.

 These programmes enable you to keep track of previous transactions, their value, and their origins or destinations. Additionally, they provide any cryptocurrency prices that they support in real time. On a single platform, some people support trading assets that are kept on various exchanges.

Different cryptocurrency portfolio tracking apps have unique features and operate differently. Regardless of the host blockchain, the majority enable you to bring in any wallet addresses so you can track the value of your currency holdings and price in real-time and in the past. As a result, portfolio tracking software may integrate via API with exchanges and other wallets.

The finest cryptocurrency portfolio trackers assist traders and investors in real-time decision-making and portfolio adjustments. To assist consumers in making quick decisions about their crypto holdings, the majority of them offer sophisticated charting and value prediction tools.

Most intermediate and experienced cryptocurrency traders keep their money on numerous blockchains and use various wallets for varied purposes. This might make keeping track of your cryptocurrency net worth extremely difficult. Even if you use many networks and wallets, a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker can help you keep track of your gains in real time. They also enable you to track your PnL, which isn’t always possible with the common wallets of today.

The ability to track your assets over time and monitor price fluctuations at any time of day makes portfolio trackers essential tools for both novice and seasoned cryptocurrency investors.


1. Aid in Setting and Achieving Financial Goals

A crypto portfolio tracker’s ability to compile your dispersed information into a single location where it is simple to look at is one of its key characteristics.

Trackers accomplish this by making your financial data simpler to comprehend. You’ll be in a better position to set and adhere to well-informed financial objectives after you have a clearer understanding of where your financial holdings are, where they’re going, and how they interact.

2. Always be aware of the value of your crypto assets.

The market for cryptocurrencies is lively. Every minute of every day, the value of each coin swings, often dramatically. If you need to keep track of many coins, good luck trying to add up the worth of your holdings before they change and you have to start anew on a variety of different cryptocurrency exchanges. 

A reliable tracker can help you quickly acquire a clear image of the value of all your different crypto coins before making a significant trade.

3. Keep an eye out for market shifts and opportunities.

The volatility of crypto assets is partly due to their relative youth on the market. Anyone who followed Elon Musk, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin throughout the spring of 2021 might confirm that.

And these huge swings, together with other industry changes like banks and other companies jumping on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, can present possibilities for investors who are ready to move forward. However, you are unable to achieve that if your perception of your purchasing power is inaccurate. With a potent cryptocurrency portfolio tracker, you can quickly, quickly, and urgently get that kind of view. Binocs is a one step solution to Crypto portfolio tracking and portfolio management, with great ease. 

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