Looking Forward to Book Your Schoolies? Here is an Awesome Destination You Should not Miss Out

In 2022, no one wants to miss their schoolies trip. The pandemic has almost given way; now it’s time to celebrate; to book for schoolies 2022. In Australia, teenagers have plenty of stunning destinations to head to for their schoolies. Search online on some trip websites for schoolies accommodation, events and more; you can discover a world of choices.

Beautiful beaches, adventurous mountains, historic cities, exotic islands and lavish jungles! One can choose their favourite spots to celebrate schoolies with friends and make it a trip of a lifetime. But if there is a single word for all the things they look forward to, why a second option? Yes, I am talking about Fiji Islands. Australian teenagers choose to go to Fiji, not because of a single reason but many. The island has a plethora of surprises hidden for teenagers. Here is why Fiji Islands is the best option to spend the schoolies week. Check it out and book your schoolies!

Fiji Islands: Have Plethora of Fun

Dreamt of spending some time on an island interspersed with soft golden sand? Yes, Fiji is that place. It will be a dream come true once you set foot on the Fiji Islands. The beauty of the land is beyond words such that it will change all the expectations about an island getaway. Finding yourself kissed by the sun in the morning, watching the sun dipping itself in the sea, dancing at the beach night parties; Fiji Islands is the best place for people who love the landscape and ambience to spend their schoolies in 2022.

International DJs will be playing the latest rock hits as you party with friends. Fiji Islands’ crystal clear blue waters and the golden sandy beaches feel like paradise for teenagers who want to spend their schoolies of a lifetime on an island. One can decide how they want to spend their time in Fiji because they have many options to explore. You can soak in the sun relaxing, visit the famous spots on the island, pamper yourself with spa treatments or engage in the biggest pool party. No doubt. Fiji will have everything one wants for the trip of your lifetime. Take Fiji for granted from the moment of arrival to the time of the last goodbye. It will be worth the money spent.

Listed below are a few fun activities one can engage in Fiji Islands:

  • Pool Parties: The iconic pool parties will have a DJ playing spinning tunes. People can dance in the pool, soaking themselves in the water.
  • Night Parties: This epic entertainment has a dedicated entertainment crew, including international DJs, fire dancers, and fireworks, making the night unforgettable.
  • Theme Parties: It is not an ordinary event. Come prepared with creative and stunning outfits! Even better, the crew can carry similar outfits based on a theme.

Travelling in the Time of Pandemic

Though the situation is somewhat settling, COVID-19 will be a deciding factor. Parents are apprehensive about sending their kids to schoolies during these uncertain times. The best thing to do is approach a trip organising company which takes care of concerns for the safety of every traveller so that the parents can send their kids with confidence, and continue to look forward to your trip next year without worry. Don’t miss out on the chance to travel by being overly concerned. Take precautions and set off to your dream place. Uncertainty is a real thing but, don’t let it stand in between your dreams.

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