Improving Educational Quality

In order to drive the development of society, it is the necessary to improve the overall quality of laborers. Many changes and characteristics of laborer’s quality are presented along with social transition and economy development. With the development of ICT, practices of innovative instruction began to emerge constantly, which aim to enhance education quality. Those practices include Flipped Teaching and Knowledge Construction with mobile devices such as tablet computer, etc. These new teaching methods not only promote students’ learning and understanding but also improve qualities of instruction.

Flipped teaching

Flipped teaching transforms the teaching process of traditional classroom. Students study after class, and teachers make full use of time in class to provide guidance to every student. It improves the efficiency of class for the videos of before class are the essences limited in 5–7 min. It also promotes teacher paying more attention to students, improving their professional development as well as improving the quality of teaching.

Teaching by tablet computer

Teaching by tablet computer not only enables students to learn at anytime and anywhere, but also improves learning efficiency and exercises the students’ ability of self-regulated learning. Embedded resources to students’ tablets can reduce preparing time and improve students’ learning interest, thus improve the teaching quality.

ICT-based knowledge construction

ICT-based knowledge construction can enhance the classroom efficiency. It makes each student can raise their own views and opinions online and have more interaction between the students. Teachers can also provide the targeted guidance to the problem and it can help to improve the efficiency of the courses and the teaching quality.

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