How You Can Prepare Yourself Before and After Botox Treatment in Brisbane

You should know that many Brisbane residents want to change their appearance because they have insecurities they want to hide. With over 2,439,000 residents in Brisbane, at least a small percentage of the population would want to enhance their appearance through surgeries or treatments. And with over dozens of cosmetic clinics situated in specific areas of Queensland like in Park Road, Milton, it will not be difficult for people to get cosmetic injectables and treatments.

If you are one of the many that want to try out botox brisbane services, you should be aware of the things you need to do before getting one. It is important that you learn how you prepare yourself before and after a botox treatment to ensure you get the most out of it. Some of the preparations are simple enough not to take much of your time and energy.

1. Avoid drinking wine a week before the treatment

Before getting the Botox treatment in Brisbane, the first tip that you have to follow is to steer clear from drinking wine one week before. While wine can help ease the tension before getting injected with Botox for the first time, most experts recommend that you do not drink them because they can ruin the quality of the treatment after.

Specifically, red wine can potentially increase bruising on your face, and you do not want any imperfections the day after you get Botox. Many Brisbane residents have undergone the treatment and lied about not drinking wine. Their results were not the ones they expected, so it is imperative that you stick to drinking anything else besides red wine or any other type of alcohol.

2.  Avoid taking anti-inflammatory meds a week before the treatment

Another tip you should keep in mind before you get the best botox brisbane has to offer is to avoid anti-inflammatory medication as much as possible. Doctors will tell you not to take them because they can also cause bruising on the skin after the treatment. Keep in mind that anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen can cause your blood to become thin.

Having thin blood means that your body will have difficulty clotting and stopping bleeds, which can make the swelling or bruising stay long on your skin. If you have any anti-inflammatory meds that you need to take, it would be best to contact a cosmetic physician in Brisbane weeks before you get the treatment to provide you with the best solution.

3. Avoid working out after the treatment

Once you have finished the treatment in Brisbane, what you need to remember next is never to work out four or five days after. You can always skip out a few days in the gym because your skin needs to heal up after the treatment. When you work out or exercise, your blood pressure will rise, affecting the area where you injected Botox.

4. Avoid putting on makeup after the treatment

Cosmetic physicians in Brisbane will also tell you to avoid putting on makeup if you recently got Botox on your face. It happens because makeup or other foreign substances can cause a bad reaction with Botox, leading to potential infections, swelling, redness, and discomfort.

If you want to get the best Botox in Brisbane, make sure you always look for reliable names like Define. They are one of the many clinics with the best cosmetic physicians to make you love yourself even more after the treatment.

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