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How to Write and Promote a Guest Post in Social Media

The strategy behind the guest post is to provide value to the audience. This may mean providing valuable information, or providing value in the form of content or links. If you want to use social media as a marketing tool, you must first write a guest post. Then, promote it through social media. Make sure to track its success! You can see whether your guest post is getting any traction or not. You may even want to do it more than once to ensure that it gets enough attention.

Write a guest post

To make your guest posting sites more effective, here are some tips. The first step is to write a short pitch that will highlight what you can do for the blog. Include your website link and call to action in your bio. If possible, include a freebie or opt-in to gain more subscribers. Don’t forget to proofread! It’s easy to overlook typos, but your editors will appreciate the extra effort.

Remember to keep your content relevant to the blog’s audience. If you can’t find a topic, you can write about a related topic. Keep in mind that longer posts have more chances of getting a high Google ranking. And always keep in mind to follow up with your guest post regularly. You’ll thank yourself in the future for taking the time to write an excellent piece of content for other blogs. Keep in mind that guest posting doesn’t just boost SEO. It can also build your authority in your niche and drive traffic to your website.

Submission guidelines

Lastly, do your research before submitting your guest post. Do not submit the same pitch to different publications. Big publications receive hundreds of pitches each week, and an unoriginal idea will quickly be discarded. To avoid this, carefully read the submission guidelines of each outlet. If the website’s submission guidelines are unclear, it’ll appear as if you aren’t serious about writing for them. Also, don’t submit guest posts on topics that the publication doesn’t accept.

To promote it on social media, you must first create a strong call to action and visual that grabs the audience’s attention. In the text, summarize the benefits of the desired action and spell out one or two more benefits. Finally, show them that you are the right business to provide these benefits. Make them feel important. This way, they’ll want to know more about your business. So, how can you promote it on social media?

Track its success

Once you’ve published your guest post on a blog or site, the next step is to track the results. If you want to know if your guest post got the desired response, you can monitor the traffic generated by your posts using the social media tools you created. Once the article is published, you can track its success by monitoring the number of social shares and referral traffic. Then, you can 2022 guest posting website target top influencers to prioritize your guest post. Whether the influencers are your competitors or fellow bloggers, they can share your post.

To track the success of a guest post on social media, use Google Analytics. This will help you figure out which content works best for you and which is not. You can also check out the number of comments and mentions of your post to see which sources are bringing in the most traffic. Respond to these comments to build a relationship with your new audience. After all, it’s all about promoting your blog or site!


Tracking social media engagement and referral traffic is essential. Guest posts are a great way to gain authority and high-quality backlinks, but they require a lot of time and effort to be effective. So, it’s vital to track the success of guest posts on social media by looking at key metrics such as backlinks, reach, and referral traffic. Tracking the success of a guest post on social media can give you insight into where you need to improve your content in the future.

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