How to write an article?

Following are the top 6 steps to write articles:

Step 1: write the lead, choose from the 5w’s and h

Once you’ve written the first sentence of your article, write one or two more sentences in the same paragraph to draw the reader into the story. This paragraph is called the lead of the story.

To determine what comes in the lead, you use 6 questions that you ask about the most important thing: who? what? true? when? Why? how? These six questions are often indicated by the mnemonic ‘ the five w’s and h ‘.

You don’t have to answer all the questions right away in the lead. But about the ‘who?’, ‘what?’, when? and where? you must immediately create clarity in the lead.

Step 2: stimulate your reader

A lead is not just a summary of facts. With the first of your topic item, you inform, but you also want to arouse curiosity. Therefore, do not answer all questions from the ‘ 5w’s and h ‘ in the lead.

You can also encourage people to continue reading by mentioning a striking detail in the first paragraph.

Step 3: Write rollable

After writing the lead, you answer the most urgent questions that remain, such as: how could it have happened and why?  The most important information comes first. This rule keeps coming back when writing articles. This information is what the reader needs most to understand how any event could have happened. You can use this step while explaining your article in the form of a story or a blog.

Step 4: don’t forget your sources

The reader must always be able to find the source of the information in an article. Anyone can write down an article but who actually says that in the most impressive style? And is the information reliable?

You can usually already mention your sources in the lead of the article so that it remains its authenticity and do not sound unrealistic to anyone.

Step 5: Create good bridges between paragraphs

The transitions between different paragraphs give structure to an article or blog. It is best to start the first sentence of a paragraph with an element from the 5 w’s and h, so the how, why, when. This way you lead the reader point by point through the story.

Step 6: check your writing style and grammar

It is important that a news item is pleasant to read. Always check the article for style and grammar. Only in the discipline ‘news letter’ on the use of too much suffering form and rod constructs. It also helps to delete unnecessary words.

Write summary

Determine the most important things of your topic and start your message with it

  • Remember the 5 w’s and h.
  • Answer the who? what? where? and why? in the lead
  • Handled the ‘how?’ and why?’ in the following paragraphs and any questions arising therefrom.
  • Don’t forget to cite your sources.
  • Provide smooth transitions.
  • Check your writing style and grammar

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