How to Register to the Southern Theological Seminary

The Southern Theological Seminary is a private non-for-profit theology seminary accredited by the Schools Commission on Colleges and Southern Association of Colleges and others in the United States and Canada.

The seminary seeks to glorify Jesus by giving students the proper knowledge and skills to serve the church, spread the word of the Lord, and fulfill their role on earth.

For students seeking to join the seminary, there are a few requirements you will need to fulfill. They  include the following:

Must be a Christian

To join the southern theological seminary as a student, you must have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. The teachings you will learn, and your role in the seminary require you to deeply understand Christianity and the Bible. You must also be a true believer to be able to truly understand the teachings and be able to spread the word of God.

Be of Good Character

High moral values and being an outstanding member of society are essential requirements to join the southern theological seminary. The seminary is looking to accept students who will not only be looked at by others in the community but also be role models.

They only accept people with good character and standing in society to ensure this happens.

Have Personal Goals

The southern theological seminary seeks to graduate students who will go out to be servants of the Lord. Part of the requirement to ensure this happens is that you must have personal goals that align with the service of Christ.

You must strongly desire to serve the church and your fellow human beings. This drive is proof that the seminar will give you skills to achieve your goals and not skills that will interfere with them.

Good Academic Papers

The southern theological seminary is like a school, just like any other and having good grades is necessary to be admitted. This is evidence that you qualify to be there, and you are most likely able to understand the teachings and graduate from there.

You might be willing to learn, be of good character, and be a staunch Christian, but if you cannot understand what is being taught, the characters above will be of no use.

Pass the Background Check

To facilitate admission to the seminary, you will need to pass a background check. A certified background institution performs the background check. The review is to authenticate everything you said is the truth. You must agree to the background check to get admitted to the seminar.

The background check includes:

  1. reviewing your residence history for the last seven years.
  2. Your County of Residence Criminal records
  3. The Nationwide Criminal Database

The results of the check determine your admission to the seminary. You might have passed all or most of the requirements above but still, miss out on entry.


The southern theological seminary admission is not easy. You might need to apply more than once to get an admission as students there are the best of the best. You must also have the heart for it to graduate from the seminar.

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