How to Manage Food Cravings and Lose Weight Healthily?

Several studies show that the eating habits of Australians today are less than ideal. More and more Australians have developed a healthy lifestyle consuming wholesome foods and weight loss to maintain their fitness and body weight. On average, an Australian adult has 5 to 7 servings of discretionary food that does not contribute to their nutritional requirements. Over 9 per cent of adults consume sweetened sugar drinks every day. These are some of the high-risk factors for weight gain and cardiac issues. Another issue that many people face is the habit of satiating food cravings.

What Are Food Cravings?

May it be a bag of crispy chips, a chocolate bar, a cronut; everyone has had an experience of food cravings at some point in their lives. They may have had a healthy and satisfying lunch but might be hit with an urge to eat something crunchy, salty or sweet. This experience is a food craving or an intense desire to consume a particular food or drink. It is different from hunger pangs which find satisfaction with any form of food. Cravings can usually be satisfied by a specific item. Foods that generally have a high-fat content of salt and sugar like chocolate, ice cream, pizza, soft drinks, lollies and chips top the chart for food cravings.

Why Do People Crave Certain Kinds of Food?

Cravings hit a person for various reasons. These can include emotional fluctuations like stress, sadness and tiredness, hormonal changes like pregnancy, menstruation, consuming specific medication etc., or environmental cues like passing by a fast-food chain or watching an ad on the screen. Researchers have studied the MRI of people during food cravings and found that the desire is related to memory, emotion and reward. Children who were offered ice cream to get over an injury might have developed a craving for sweets to get over a bad day as adults. Neuroscience studies show that high amounts of sugar and salt stimulate the same pleasure centres of the brain as addictive drugs. They give the consumer a euphoric and happy feeling when satisfied.

Why is it Important to Control Food Cravings?

While everyone experiences food cravings, satisfying the desire each time might not be healthy. It is especially true when cravings are associated with high cholesterol and sugary foods. Such cravings could derail healthy diet plans. Those trying to reduce their weight and maintain fitness through weight loss drops might find their efforts futile if they give in to their cravings. They can impact a person physically and psychologically if not kept under control. There are strategies one can use to manage such urges. Here are some of them:

Think Before Reaching Out

A researcher from Flinders University stated that cravings occur in two stages, beginning with an initial thought, usually through a visual or olfactory trigger, followed by vivid images of its taste. One can control the craving early on by using mindful thinking techniques. By becoming aware of the initial thought and dismissing it right then, one can prevent it from blowing up into an intense craving. One of the best ways to do this is by questioning if it is a hunger pang or a thirst that needs satisfying.

Visualise the Place Instead of the Item

During intense food cravings, individuals can almost taste the food as they visualise it vividly in their minds. Applying a theory that the mind can only handle a limited number of images, one can replace their food cravings with the imagery of something that they otherwise enjoy to tackle their desires.

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