How To Make Your Hotel Family-Friendly


Is your hotel doing enough to attract families? How can you promote your hotel on the Internet so that it stands out as a true family-friendly contender? Most hotel managers have been trying to find ways on how to attract customers to their hotel but they forget to make it family-friendly.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a water slide or themed rooms; there is much you can do to attract families and enrich their experiences while they’re staying with you to keep them returning. Check out our proposed ideas on how to make your hotel family-friendly to help you attract more families. Learn more.

Theme Family Rooms

Themed rooms are a nice touch that attracts families and helps your hotel stand out. While some hotels have boat-shaped beds, painted feature walls, and themed decor, developing a theme could be as simple as providing vividly colored linen and shaped throw cushions. To get the most out of a room, think about how you can simply convert it for families.

Have the kids’ bedroom decor in blue and pink for both genders. You can have a few teddy bears of different creations to add more flavor to the room. Putting toys in the rooms can be an added advantage for your hotel. Give it a try for sure the results will be encouraging.

Hazard-Free Rooms

Kids need more attention than adults. A family hotel room should be hazard-free as much as possible. But how do you ensure that? We have a few tips to help you make the family hotel room hazard-free. First, inspect the rooms regularly to ensure there is no repair needed. If you come up which an area that needs repair attention have it done on time.

Secondly, check out all electrical work and have all sockets covered to prevent kids from plugging in foreign objects. Also, make sure all the electrical components are housed well in electrical enclosures. Contact nema enclosure manufacturers to have your electrical components protected. The enclosure will also keep kids away from the electrical components.

Offer Family Rooms Discounts

You are not required to reduce your room rates. In fact, a suspiciously low price may dissuade families seeking a hotel just as much as a costly one. Rather, search for methods to provide savings to families who may require additional accommodations or amenities. Encourage families to book neighboring rooms and offer a discount on the additional room or rooms as a means to accomplish this.

These packages are ideal for multigenerational vacations in which grandparents require their own accommodation while remaining close to the rest of their family. It is also a good choice for a family with older children who can stay together in their own room while their parents relax next door. Offering these family prices is a good promotion to run during low-occupancy seasons since it can help you fill more rooms.

Separate Family Suites And Other Rooms


While advertising your hotel as kid-friendly is fantastic, you don’t want to turn away corporate travelers or couples. Separating family suites from other rooms is one approach to capitalize on both markets. Consider creating a separate wing for family suites and a separate wing for other rooms, or dedicating a few floors to families to avoid disturbing couples or business travelers on other floors.

Other family-oriented amenities, such as a play center, games room, or family dining space, could be strategically located close by separating the two types of rooms, providing easy access for families while also providing a getaway for other guests. Making your hotel family-friendly should not limit the stay for other guests.

Policies That Favor Pets

Traveling with pets was always considered unusual, but market trends indicate that this is no longer the case. The number of people who travel with their dogs has more than doubled in the previous decade. Some parents and children, especially on a family vacation, may like to include their furry family members as well.

You may attract families living with pets to your hotel by implementing pet-friendly rules. Allowing pets at your hotel comes with its own set of challenges and additional cleaning requirements. One approach to avoid problems is to designate one floor or a certain block of rooms as pet-friendly. Keeping certain accommodations pet-free is a good idea because it will appeal to allergy sufferers.

To make your hotel stand out, go the extra mile for pet owners. Consider giving pets a free pet bed or food and water dishes to utilize throughout their visit. These small details will please adults and children alike who are looking forward to spending time with their family pet.


Hotel owners tend to focus more on making their hotels customer-friendly and overlook the family-friendly side which is equally important to the growth of the hotel. Also when you make your hotel family-friendly don’t forget about other guests like couples and travelers. You can make your hotel family-friendly using the above guidelines to help accommodate families in your hotel. For more ideas to improve your business check out 

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