How to Create Effective Online Training Videos for Employees

Innovation and modern technology shape the way we do business. Many companies greatly embrace online commerce from face-to-face to virtual meetings.

As the economy moves forward to paperless and remote tasks, companies can conduct online training videos for employees that will help them adjust to the new work environment. Here are simple and effective ways to create training videos for your staff and employees.

Plan In Advance

Prepare a script, a storyboard, and a backdrop. Plan ahead of time to ensure that you have covered every element for your staff training video before you begin. Being organised will aid in the smooth progression of the operation.

Use The Appropriate Equipment

You will need a few items of equipment to get started. A camera, a tripod and lighting kit, a microphone, and an excellent video editor are required. If you use these four tools, you’ll be on your way to success.

Select A Topic

Determine your video’s goal ahead of time. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • What exactly are you trying to teach your employees?
  • Is this a safety film or a training video for new employees?

Having a defined aim will aid your production at every stage.

Record Your Video

Set up your equipment and begin filming your films. Use your camera to capture pictures and your microphone to capture audio.

If you make a mistake making training videos for employees, keep going. In the following phase, you may cut and organise your clips.

Ask for Feedback from Your Employees

Obtain feedback from your employees to determine how well your target audience received your film. Feedback can help you enhance the next staff training video you make.

Different Types of Training Videos

Employee training videos come in various formats since there are so many topics you need to teach your staff. Here are a few alternative types of staff training films that may be useful to your company.

  1. Corporate and Business Video – Train your staff on business rules and standards using customer service training films, insider threat training videos, discrimination training movies, gender training videos, language training videos, and leadership training videos.
  2. Educational Purposes Videos – Use employee training videos to educate your staff effectively.

Perhaps they should learn how to clean the lunchroom or run a cash machine. A video can be used to educate almost anything.

1. Health And Safety Videos – Workplaces may avoid litigation, injuries, and dangerous circumstances by providing effective staff training.

Use training and safety videos to safeguard the health and safety of your staff.

2. Tutorials – Use training films to demonstrate to staff how to use machines and tools in your workplace.

You may also utilise tutorial films to improve your workers’ product expertise to educate your consumers better and enhance sales.

3. Recordings From the Screen – Make a screen recording if you’re trying to teach personnel on software or applications that your company employs.

In this manner, you can walk through all stages and provide your employees with a visual representation of what you’re teaching them.


Videos are a powerful and fairly simple way to increase the quality of your coursework and make it more appealing to your employees.

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