How is Gold Mining Done in Ontario?

Are you curious to know how gold mining gets done in Ontario? Well! It is a complicated as well as an exciting process. If you are eager to learn this deeply, you have to leave other errands and stick to your screen. Gold mining is a lengthy, time-consuming, and resource-taking process. If you lack any of these things, you can’t mine gold.

There are four different techniques that you can imply to mine the gold. These techniques are:

  1. Placer Mining
  2. Hard Rock Mining
  3. By-Product Gold Mining
  4. Gold Ore Processing

Placer Mining

Placer mining is a technique of extracting gold, specifically the gold accumulated in placer deposits, and it is also used by Trillium Gold Stock. Now you might be thinking, what are placer deposits? So, in actuality, placer deposits were made up of quite loose material. It is the flexible material that makes tunneling very difficult. So, most of the time, extraction methods involve dredging or water.

  • It is a technique for extracting gold.
  • Gold gets extracted from placer deposits.
  • Placer deposits were made up of loose matter.
  • This matter makes tunneling very challenging and hectic.
  • Extraction methods included in placer mining are dredging or water.

Hard Rock Mining

It is a specific way that helps extract rock gold, as it gets evident from the name “Hard Rock.” Gold does not appear in the fragmented form at all. The gold gets extracted by Hard Rock Mining in loose sediments. Most of the gold in the whole world gets extracted because of this Hard Rock Mining Process. Sometimes open-pit mining is used to extract gold rocks.

  • You can get gold in the form of rock by this method.
  • Gold does not appear in the form of fragments.
  • But it does appear in the form of loose sediments.
  • Most of the world’s gold gets extracted by this method in particular.
  • The open-pit mining process is sometimes used in this process.

By-Product Gold Mining

It is the method where gold is not the primary product but a by-product or secondary product. For example, you may get gold as a by-product during copper or other metal mining. Some gravel and sand pits can help recover gold as a smaller product. That’s what a By-Product Gold Mining process is. By this method, you get gold as a secondary or additional product.

  • For example, you are mining copper, and you also get gold.
  • Sometimes some sand and gravel pits can also recover gold in smaller quantities.

Gold Ore Processing

There are two different methods for processing gold named Cyanide Process and Mercury Process and big companies like TGM V use these methods.

Cyanide Process

Sodium Cyanide Solution gets mixed with finely ground rock. A rock that got proven to contain silver or gold. And then the mixture gets separated as Gold Cyanide or Silver Cyanide from the rock. After that, zinc gets added to separate the sediment. Later on, zinc gets separated by sulfuric acid, and you get gold sludge that is further processed.

Mercury Process

Mercury is used explicitly in placer gold mines to form an amalgamation of Gold and Mercury and smaller gold particles. That’s how the rate of gold discovery increases.

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