How Car Dealerships Use Custom-Printed Triangle Flags to Drive Sales

Before the pandemic, car dealerships moved their marketing efforts to the digital world. Many auto dealership companies invested heavily in digital marketing campaigns, social media promotions, etc. But, during and after the pandemic – these efforts did not matter much.

In 2020, the average sales volumes for car dealerships across the country dropped by 40% to 85%. This was the worst drop in sales car dealerships have experienced in decades. That’s why many car dealerships had to cut down their marketing budgets. Many car dealerships are still running on small marketing budgets.

The good news is that low-cost marketing tools like custom triangle flags are helping car dealerships cut costs. More importantly, these custom-printed flags have proven to be amazing marketing tools for car dealerships. Here’s why car dealerships love using this marketing tool –

More Appealing to Local Shoppers

Pre-pandemic, the car dealership market was flooded with digital ads. Most consumers didn’t like these intrusive digital ads. They prefer to check car dealerships out of their own accord. That’s why custom-printed flags are more appealing to the average consumer. The likelihood of a consumer responding well to a car dealership’s digital ads is low.

But, the likelihood of them being attracted to custom-printed marketing flags is high. That’s why smart car dealership owners always do both – digital and real-world marketing. They decorate their parking lots with colorful custom marketing flags. The flags indicate that the dealership is open and ready to welcome customers.  

Brand Building

Brand building is a vital responsibility, even for small-scale car dealership owners. Local consumers already view custom-printed marketing flags in a favorable light. Why not use these tools to solidify your brand’s presence in a specific location?

Target consumers cannot “ignore” or “avoid” your custom-printed marketing flags. Place them in strategic locations, and they’re guaranteed to draw the attention of people driving or walking by. The more people notice your custom-printed marketing flags, the better for your car dealership’s brand.

Plus, your target consumers will see your car dealership company’s custom-printed marketing flags almost every day. The best custom-printed marketing flags are made of durable, synthetic, and weather-resistant materials. Car dealership owners can place these flags outside their stores for years. The custom flags won’t deteriorate in quality at all.

Total Customization Control

Car dealership owners are always hosting special sales or discount periods. Promoting these daily deals or offers is hard without cost-effective marketing tools. Custom-printed marketing flags are highly cost-effective. Car dealership owners can order hundreds of these custom flags without spending much.

Plus, the leading sellers of custom-printed marketing flags offer total customization control to the buyers. Hence, car dealership owners can print whatever business information they want on their custom flags. They can easily use their low-cost marketing flags to promote daily offers, seasonal discounts, etc.

Sales by Boosting Exposure

Custom marketing flags help car dealerships become more popular in specific communities. This popularity comes with extra sales, more foot traffic at the dealerships, and various other perks. These are the reasons why car dealership owners love using this cost-effective marketing tool!

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