How Can A Lawyer Help You If You Have Been Accused Of Identity Theft? 

Identity theft is when an individual’s personal information is stolen to commit fraudulent activities using their identity. It is commonly used for financial transactions and can cause severe losses for the victim. Perpetrators can also steal identities to carry out other criminal activities under another identity. 

Identity theft is carried out through illegal means such as digitally hacking computer networks to steal information like credit card and bank details, social security numbers, and home addresses. Being convicted of identity theft can lead to several penalties. It is essential to have the presence of a skilled criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN, to defend you. 

What are the penalties of identity theft? 

The laws of each state regarding identity theft vary and can implement various punishments depending on factors such as the number of damages incurred by the victim. In Tennessee, the convicted must carry out a jail sentence between 2-12 years and pay a fine of up to $5,000. The court may award thrice the number of damages suffered by the victim and compensation to recover the legal fees required for the procedure. Civil penalties can include a maximum of $5000 for each day the victim was impersonated or ten times the amount stolen or attempted to be stolen by the perpetrator. 

What is the importance of hiring a criminal defense lawyer? 

  • Advice: The legal procedure involved after being accused of a crime can be complex. You may make uninformed and incorrect decisions due to your lack of legal knowledge and state of distress. A lawyer can help you understand the situation you are in and the charges you can face, along with providing you with appropriate legal advice. 
  • Protecting legal rights: Even when accused of a crime, you are entitled to certain rights, including the right to be informed of charges you face and the right to a fair trial. Your lawyer is aware of these rights and ensures that they are protected throughout the process. 
  • Investigation: A lawyer has the resources to conduct their own investigation of your case to find evidence that favors you. They also analyze the prosecution’s case against you and help formulate defense strategies based on their accusations. 

A criminal defense lawyer has the expertise and experience to choose the best legal route to defend you. They understand the negative impact the charges you face will have on your future and help reduce or dismiss these charges. 

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