Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Power And The Limitations Of Handicapping

The secret of the power and limitations of handicapping is that there are several aspects to racing that the player should know. There are two major categories to handicapping: common (base and advanced) and statistical (base and advanced). Each one is about determining the outcome of the order of finish positions of horses at the end of races with ever more precision. No money is involved in handicapping.asianbookie handicap When you decide to make money from racing then it becomes a matter of making a profit. This is the other half of racing or Profitcapping. Players try so hard to solve the racing puzzle but get only a short distance after an extended time. Even after years in the game.

When you handicap it’s not a matter of money even if you’re thinking about money. The general line of thinking goes something like this: if I get the horse(s) I’ll get the money. This is close but not exact because you can win but not profit in racing. As an example: you can buy a $100 ticket and win the race but your win amount or payout might only be $56. You won but didn’t profit. There’s another way and that’s to split racing into two main halves. This becomes: handicapping (predicting the race’s outcome over months and years) and profitcapping or predicting the amount of return on investment outcome over months and years.

Because of this handicapping’s only 50% of the game and has a limit. Handicapping’s made of the process of finding systems, factors and angles which include a great deal of work to find the best systems for predicting the order of finish positions. No one handicapping means, method, way, factor, angle or system’s 100% efficient. This is a main reason players need to learn and know the money side of the game just as thoroughly. Because both divisions (handicapping and profitcapping) have their own methods to deal with racing. But profitcapping isn’t handicapping.

Handicapping includes but not limited to: speed, pace, form, bounce, jockey, breeding, trainer, weather, race types (maiden, claiming, stakes, etc.), track types and conditions, sire stats, limits to using only numbers to handicap with, insider information, etc. Common handicapping in general is where you have no method to find the best methods. Statistical handicapping is where you have systems to find the methods or systems that are the best for each order of finish position. In other words: the player have a way to find a way. In advanced handicapping such methods includes: largest sum number, smallest sum number and many others. Once this is understood handicapping is still limited and doesn’t take up all of racing.

When you first begin handicapping you’re testing methods and factors in a haphazard manner. You need a systematic way to find the best and strongest systems. As your handicapping advances you start to accumulate statistical means and methods to determine what systems are best for each field size, each bet type, each order of finish position, each race type, each ticket format, etc. But you need to learn and know both halves of racing to grasp the game fully. Handicapping is only 50% the game but you must grasp that 50% fully or completely. This is part of the secret of the power and limitations of handicapping.

To have a firm and clear understanding get your copies of both Profitcapping – simplified and Advanced Statistical Handicapping – simplified from [] and [] respectively now. Together they give all the tools, strategies and proven systems to make money in racing. 17-18 years of proven experience and proven knowledge is given and substantiated. Follow these manual guides to the letter as a textbook. Jessie R. Johnson is a profitcapper and handicapper.

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