Helpful Tips for Identifying Your Target Audience

As a business, you can’t do much without the knowledge of your target audience. But how do you acquire this knowledge? Identifying your target audience will lead to more effective advertising campaigns and a happy customer base. Here are some top tips!

Use an Agency

Before anything else, remember that you don’t have to go through this process alone. One search alone and you’ll see stories of how ‘King Kong doubled our conversion rate’, and most customers of this digital marketing agency would say the same.

Digital marketing agencies help to create a strategy, analyze your audience, implement the right strategies, and generate sales and conversions online. Meanwhile, you have more free time to focus on other tasks in your business.

Review Your Customer Data

If you want to learn about your target audience, one of the best ways is to assess your existing customer base. After all, these are the people who are buying your products. Therefore, you want to find more people like your customers through marketing because these people are also likely to purchase from the brand. By spotting trends in loyal customers, you can focus on these trends and find others like them through various marketing techniques (such as lookalike campaigns).

Analyse the Competition

What if you don’t have loyal customers? What if your brand is new to the market? In this case, a good tip is to analyse the competition. Who are their customers? Who do they target with ad campaigns? Analysing the competition can help to refine your own target market – it could be a group of people that competitors are missing.

Ask Your Audience

Often, businesses look for intricate, secretive, James Bond-like ways to learn about their audience when the best technique is just to ask them. If you have a good following on social media, put polls online and ask about them. You don’t have to get personal, just get an idea of their gender, age, location, and other details; you might just be surprised by the results.

Over time, you can eventually ask about their preferences, hobbies, interests, and more. While this isn’t as extensive as digging into your data, it still gives you an idea ad management  of how to target people correctly.

Consider Your Products

Often, businesses can generate a picture of their target audience just by considering their products. For example, choose your most popular product and write down the main features. Then, write next to each feature who needs it. Soon enough, you have a list of people who need your product and the benefits that it offers.

As you do this for multiple products, you learn about your audience and why they choose your brand. If you know the most important features of your products, you can target the people who need them most.

Use an Intelligence Tool

Finally, you can also use an intelligence tool to learn about your audience. With the right tool, you’ll integrate all the major social and search channels. From here, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms analyse all the pertinent data and provide insights into the audience. In some cases, clever technology can even predict future trends.

Like working with an agency, this is another way to take the pressure from your shoulders. However, you’re still in control of listening to the insights and acting on the information. If you want to relieve yourself of this burden too, contact a reliable and professional agency. They will use these techniques and many others to identify your audience and boost your marketing strategy!

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