Going off road is everything that they say it is and more

You have probably heard your neighbors and friends talk about going off-road in their 4×4 and you’ve always thought about how exciting that it could really be. Fair enough, you get to drive down the roads that your family car wouldn’t be able to negotiate but what exactly are you going to find down this country road that you haven’t seen before many times. The thing to remember is that many people want to escape their normal routine and they want to try something truly amazing. It seems that everyone’s stress levels are going through the roof and so we need to be able to find ways to calm ourselves down and to do everything that our doctors have been asking us to do. It’s great having a job that keeps you busy but sometimes you need to separate your work from your personal life and one way to do that is to jump in your vehicle and take a long drive to the countryside.

If life has become very predictable when it comes to driving then maybe you need to look at some of the fantastic Land Rover Defenders from Nene Overland that are currently in their showrooms and are waiting for new owners right now. If this article has piqued your interest then maybe you would like to learn a little bit more of the benefits of going off-road in the family car which just happens to be a 4×4.

  1. Appreciate the countryside – Many of us live in large towns or cities and so we never really get to see the countryside unless it is on television or on our smartphones. It is a well known fact that nature is good for your physical and mental health and yet none of us take steps to drive ourselves to the countryside to really enjoy everything that it has to offer. It isn’t the same driving down country lanes if you’re not able to turn the wheel and start driving over rough land and through streams. These two things and others are possible in your Land Rover because at the touch of a button your vehicle instantly becomes the vehicle of your dreams and it takes you back to your roots.
  2. Learn to love driving again – You must remember back when you got your driver’s license for the first time and the enjoyment that you had when driving any type of vehicle. That love has since gone and maybe now it’s time to rekindle it and the best way to do that is to jump into your Land Rover and take to the high roads and byroads once again. When you go off road there are no police cars where policemen do road checks and you really get to escape from all of the hustle and bustle of modern living.

Hopefully I have lit a fire under you and you will now make an effort to go to your local Land Rover supplier to have that test drive that you’ve always wanted.

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