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Madden 22 Ultimate Team includes a Rookie Premiere feature, which lets you earn Rookie Premiere tokens for free. These tokens are used to unlock high-rated players in the game. To earn them, you need to complete certain tasks. Then, you can use the tokens in one of three ways.

First, you need to complete 13 player sets. Next, you need to get MUT rank 30. Once you have reached the rank of 30, you can start redeeming Rookie Premiere tokens. This will give you five Rookie Premiere tokens. You can also use these tokens to unlock other player items, such as NCAT Rookie Premiere cards.

To unlock other player cards, you can complete the Rookie Premiere challenges. For example, to unlock 86 OVR Rookie Premiere Player, you need to have five RP Tokens. The RP challenges will reward you with a variety of different items, including the Rookie Premiere Player card. You can also earn RP Tokens for completing specific objectives. Once you have earned a certain amount, you can then add the Rookie Premiere player to your MUT.

The Rookie Premiere program is a new way to unlock special player items in Madden 22. The first two seasons featured Rookie Premiere players from random teams. Now, all 32 NFL franchises are represented. If you’re planning to build your ultimate team, get a head start on these new players and get them in your team as soon as possible.

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