Fractions: An indispensable part of Mathematics

There are different types of quantities in Mathematics. All those quantities have their significance. It is fundamental to know about all those quantities and their formations. The first type of quantity is whole numbers. They are used to represent a particular and fixed quantity. They can be used in various problems where the subject needs to be represented with the help of a definite quantity. It has been observed that it is quite easy to deal with the problems associated with whole numbers. The other type of quantity is a fraction. It can be used in several questions where one is talking about partial values. 

Fractions are used extensively in other subjects like Physics and Chemistry. Many numerical problems of these crucial subjects are solved with the help of the application of fractions. There are various types of fractions like an equivalent fraction, mixed fraction, proper fraction, and much more. An equivalent fraction is one in which the numerator and denominator of two different fractions can be divided by common terms to obtain a common value. Adequate information about all these quantities is important. It is because questions can be solved only after having proper knowledge regarding different types of fractions. Fractions also play a vital role in determining the percentage of a particular quantity. With the help of the right operations using fractions, one can easily compute a definite percentage of a particular quantity.

This article talks about the various types of fractions and their significance in solving various types of questions. It is important to develop clarity in this topic as it forms a fundamental portion of basic Mathematics.

Different types of functions and their significance:

  • Mixed fraction: This is a special type of fraction. When the value of the numerator exceeds the denominator by a huge margin, then with the help of division the mixed fraction is formed. The quotient comes in the beginning and the remainder comes at the end, above the denominator. To convert the mixed fraction into the normal fraction the denominator is multiplied with the quotient and then the remainder is added to the result.
  • Proper fraction: The fraction in which the value of the numerator is less than the value of the denominator. It has been observed that it is relatively easier to perform all the operations on proper fractions. A common way to identify the proper fractions is that when this fraction is converted into decimal then the value obtained is less than one.
  • Improper fraction: The fractions in which the value of the denominator is less than the value of the numerator are known as improper fractions. It must be kept in mind that only the improper fractions can be converted into mixed fractions. Improper fractions can be identified by converting them into decimals. The result will always be more than one.
  • Like fractions: This term is used to identify the relation between two common fractions. If the value of the two denominators is the same then the fractions are said to be like fractions. It is very easy to compare fractions and perform addition or subtraction on them.
  • Unlike fractions: Two fractions in which the denominators are distinct are known as, unlike fractions. One can convert two unlike fractions into like fractions by taking the lcm of the denominators and then multiplying the numerator and denominator of the two fractions by a common term in both the fractions till the value becomes equal to the lcm. After converting the unlike fractions into like fractions one can easily carry out addition and subtraction on the two fractions or compare them.

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