Facts About Price of Vacuum Cleaner in Kenya

Dust, wastes, and other debris are so annoying when they occupy placeslike the interior of a car and house surface. The dirt easily be removed by the use of a good and quality vacuum cleaner equipment that can be purchased at a reasonable price in Kenya.

A vacuum cleaner also known as a hoover is an equipment that causes suction to absorb dirt from floors, car interior surfaces, hangings, upholstery, and other surfaces. It is electrically driven. The dirt is collected by dust bag and disposed of later.The different vacuum cleaner has different features which suit every need.

Cost of Vacuum Cleaner

The price of Vacuum Cleaner in Kenya varies with the type of the equipment and the features associated with the vacuum machine; like portability, Length of suction hose, cartridge filter, and also features like stainless steel tank and its capacity. Some vacuum cleaners can do more work than others and thus their price is a bit high but affordable

20 Liters Vacuum Cleaner Price in Kenya.

This is a piece of standard equipment that can be used to remove specks of dirt from the floor which is costing between Ksh12,500 and Ksh14,000 in the Kenya market. The price varies with the manufacturer. Also, the price of this vacuum cleaner may be determined by the location of the product.

50 Liters Vacuum Cleaner Price in Kenya

The capacity of this vacuum cleaner is higher than the first one. This equipment can carry more dirt than the one of 20L. The larger capacity of this vacuum, the higher the performance. This equipment is mostly purchased by the organization which requiresa vacuum cleaner with more capacity. The cost of this equipment ranges between Ksh.27,000 to Ksh.30,000

20 Liters Vacuum Cleaner plus Carpet Cleaner Combo Price in Kenya

This vacuum cleaner is packed with other benefits which make it do more than the standard vacuum cleaner. This equipment leaves the floors clean. You push them as you do with the normal vacuum cleaner and it does both jobs at the same time. The price of this vacuum is Ksh.35,000 in the Kenya market today.

40 Liters Vacuum Cleaner Plus Carpet Cleaner Combo Price in Kenya

This hoover which is a combination of the vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner combo has a larger tank that can hold more dirt and can be used to clean large offices with carpets. The combination makes work easier because you only push it and it cleans both the surface and the carpet. The cost of this vacuum cleaner is Ksh.45,000 to Ksh.50,000.

In conclusion, there are many types of vacuum cleaners in the Kenyan market today. Always check for important features which are important to you like suction control, corded or cordless, motorized brush, height adjustment among others before buying the vacuum cleaner. Some hoover has rich features which affect their prices in the market. Always buy what meets your needs.

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