Factors You Should Consider Before Going for a Shade Net

Shade nets are the particular kind of nets that are of use in covering and protecting crops from excess heat and light. They provide different degrees of protection depending on the crop type in concern. It is highly likely that you have come across this type of net since they are primarily used in greenhouses.

They are designed in the best way to give top-notch protection to the crop while maintaining environmental friendliness. In addition to this, they protect customers and the staff working in greenhouses from rain and the scorching sun.

1. Degree of protection required for the crop

One of the essential things to consider before buying a shade net is the degree of protection required. Different types of crops require varying degrees of protection. One should go for the net that best suits the type of crop to be covered

2. Cost

In cases where cost is a factor to be considered, you should go for the cheap and affordable ones. These nets are supplied at different qualities and prices to satisfy everyone’s needs. Shade net prices Kenya are very reasonable. Therefore everybody can access one.

3. Climatic conditions

In areas with extreme weather, such as excess sunlight and heavy rains, one should instead go for a higher quality net that cannot be destroyed easily or torn due to the strong winds.

4. Phase of the crop development

Different types of cultivated crops require different kinds of nets depending on the other phase of development they are undergoing.

Advantages of shade nets

  1. They protect different kinds of crops from excess UV rays
  2. They provide maximum protection from extreme conditions such as temperature variation, heavy rains and excessive winds.
  3. Shade nets create controlled microclimate conditions required for better growth of crops.
  4. They have a high resistance to wear and tear; hence no need to replace them from time to time
  5. They are effortless to install. You will not need a specialist to do the installation for you.
  6. They also protect the crops from pest attacks.

Types Of Shade Nets

They are available in different types of colours;

  1. Green* black – They protect the crops from Ultra Violet rays. They are primarily used in farming.
  2. Black* black – They are commonly used in nursery raising since they absorb heat and radiate it within the shade net.
  3. White* black – They are used for Flowers since they require a lot of light which can diffuse in maximum quantities while using this type of net
  4. Green* green- This type mainly promotes photosynthesis.

Application of shade nets

« Floriculture

« Indoor planting

« Greenhouses and terrace fencing

« Poultry farming

« For fish ponds

« In building and construction as safety nets

« For drying agro products

How shade nets work

They provide the crops with controlled microclimate conditions as per the requirements of the crop being cultivated. This factor is dependent on the percentage of the shade factor being used.


Shade Nets are available in different colours, shades, and quality. The price of a shade net depends on the type you require. They are always readily available in all places.

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