Factors to consider when buying a Solar Water Heating System in Kenya

A solar heating system is a device that can convert solar energy to heat energy. There are two main types of water heating systems in Kenya. These are Flat Plate Collector and the evacuated tube solar water heating system.

This article focuses on the Solar water heater price in Kenya as purchasing a solar heating system that meets your purchasing power is key.

Due to increased diversification of job creation in Kenya, there has been need for cheap and reliable source of energy. Among the readily available cheap sources is the solar energy. Solar Water Heater is of importance and therefore one should consider buying.

The following are some of the factors one should consider before buying one.


When purchasing a water heater, one has to consider its cost in relation to its effectiveness. Of the two types, the Evacuated tube Solar System costs higher compared to the Flat Plate Solar System. As buyer, the cost should meet your potentiality as the efficiencyof the system.

Efficiency per active unit

Evacuated tube solar system is highly efficient and gives the needed results with fewer units used. On the other hand, Flat Plate Solar System has low efficiency per active unit though eventually gives the required results.

Extreme temperature stability

Evacuated Tube solar system is suitable for heating to high temperatures. It can sustain extremely hot conditions as compared to the Flat Plate Solar System which usually is good with low temperatures. While considering the cost of the heater, one should also consider the efficiency when it comes to extreme temperatures.


For high sensitivity, one should consider buying the Evacuated Tube Solar system as it is high sensitive. While on the other hand the flat plate solar system is of low sensitivity. As much as one

considers the cost one has to put this into consideration.


For good performance, one can choose the Evacuate Tube Solar System. This performs well giving the desired results to the user. As a buyer, you have to look for a heater that gives you what you desire. The quality of the results is more important. The Flat Plate Solar System performs even better.


Evacuate Tube Solar System lasts longer as compared to the flat Plate Solar system. As buyer, you consider the time the system will last. The more durable the system is, the more you save on buying a new one every time.


It is free to maintain the Evacuated Tube Solar system. The Flat Plate Solar System may require low maintenance. As a buyer you would like to minimise the expenses you incur on the item you buy. Therefore, this factor is of importance to consider.


It is quite easy to install the Evacuated Tube Solar system compared to the Flat Plate Solar a buyer you consider the other expenses incurred from the time of purchase to the time it is fully in use.


This article states the considerations one needs to have at hand before purchasing Solar Water Heater. It is therefore of importance for reference purposes. Touch here buzfeed Click here magazinevibes Visit here theedgesearch Touch here thenewsinsider Visit this website soap2day Learn more about healthworldnews

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