Difference Between the Contested and Uncontested Divorce in Alabama

Divorce in Alabama is of two different types like the contested and uncontested one. Uncontested is the one when the couple doesn’t have any disagreements between them. A contested divorce means there is a disagreement between the couple, regarding some property, child custody, debt, or any other simple reasons.

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Uncontested divorce

When you and your spouse have to agree to terms of custody, property, and any other support issues then you can apply for an Uncontested Divorce. This is a very convenient method and very cost-effective too (in terms of legal as well as emotional costs). However, when you and your partner are unable to come to agree upon certain issues then you will not be granted an uncontested divorce.

Resolving any conflicts before you file for divorce

In cases, where both the partners are having any dispute regarding anything then it doesn’t mean they need to get to a contested divorce directly. They can check other ways to solve their issues like meditation, or any alternative dispute resolution. After you got a solution, you can fill out the forms. In Alabama, the county judge will always expect that both the parties and the attorney do everything possible to 

Mediation is another way to solve the dispute out of the court. Here both parties can hire a legal representative to settle your dispute. He will be well experienced with Alabama and its local county court family law. 

Contested Divorce

In Alabama, like many other states, it takes a court of law to confer social and legal marriage benefits. so even when you plan to break the marriage, it needs to be done legally. So, when both the parties are unable to settle certain disputes, then they have the right to sue the other party with divorce. Here only the undisputed issues will be considered for the bench trial.

Here initially a preliminary hearing will be done for several months, giving time for the attorneys to gather enough evidence. Then the scheduled subsequent hearings will help to represent the evidence and the judges will review the evidence. During these hearings, the attorneys need to do every possible to solve the issue.

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