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Custom Audiences to grow your Facebook fan base

Audience definition

Segment your customer base into groups you want to target with specific messages or campaigns. Each audience is represented by a list of e-mails, phone numbers, or Facebook user IDs (UIDs).


When you upload your list into Power Editor, the list’s contents are hashed, or encoded. According to Facebook, your list of e-mails or phone numbers is not uploaded to Facebook’s servers—only the hashes are uploaded.


Your hashed list is compared with hashed records in the Facebook system

Audience creation

UIDs of matched Facebook users will be added to a Custom Audience you created in Power Editor. concept of muscle pumping At the end of the process, matched and unmatched hashes are discarded. Repeat for as many segments as you wish to define.

Ad targeting

Your custom audiences are stored in your account to be used in ad targeting (or exclusion). Power Editor Displays the size of your matched audience, along with a reach estimate for any ad targeting you choose.

Concluding remark

When Facebook has connected the dots between your customers and its database, you will then be able to target specific Marketplace ads or Sponsored Stories to your existing customers who are not already fans of your brand, urging them to “like” your page on Facebook in exchange, say, for a member–exclusive discount. You could also target specific events, promotions, or other Facebook campaigns to particular segments within your customer base.

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