Common Catastrophic Injuries From Personal Injury Accidents. 

Personal injury accidents like car accidents or motorcycle accidents can result in severe injuries that could turn the life of a victim upside down. Injuries that affect the spinal cord or the brain or result in fractures are categorized as catastrophic injuries. A victim may require surgery, lifelong recovery, and physiotherapy, which hinders the victim from getting a job. 

Catastrophic injuries may cause a victim to end up in a state of coma or paralysis and severe death. If you ever face a severe injury, you are eligible to get compensation for the injuries and damages you have sustained. A personal injury lawyer Wyoming can help you understand the severity of the injury and help you get a deserving compensation successfully. 

Types of catastrophic injuries? 

Any injury can be regarded as a catastrophic injury if too painful. 

  • Burns. 

In an intense car accident, the vehicle may blast, and the victim may sustain third and fourth-degree burns. 

  • Injuries to the spinal cord. 

The spinal cord is highly sensitive; a heavy blow can severely damage the spinal cord and lead to unpredictable outcomes. 

  • Brain injuries. 

The brain controls everything a person does. Therefore, an injury to the brain can lead to loss of function, memory loss, and more. 

  • Internal organ damage and internal bleeding.

Highly intense personal injury accidents can directly or indirectly (organs being pierced by a broken bone) damage the internal organs and result in internal bleeding. 

  • Fractures. 

Broken bones are the most common injuries encountered in Wyoming by a victim of a personal injury accident. 

What to do after sustaining catastrophic injuries after a personal injury accident?

  • Get yourself to a safe place and look out for medical help. 

Immediately after the accident, try to get to a safe place and take deep breaths. Encountering a catastrophic injury may not allow you to contact a hospital. Therefore, try to ask someone for help around you. Moreover, ensure that you get to a hospital immediately and get the required medical assistance, as, in the heat of the accident, your adrenaline levels will be pretty high, preventing you from feeling the pain of understanding the severity of the situation. 

  • Report the accident and collect evidence. 

If you cannot report the accident, ask your relative or a friend to do it for you. Police reports are essential as they explain the situation and its fault in the accident. Moreover, collecting sufficient evidence will help you strengthen your argument. Try to collect evidence right after the accident; if not possible, ask someone else to do it for you. 

  • Contact a personal injury attorney. 

An attorney will ensure that you have all the necessary evidence to get complete compensation. Moreover, a lawyer will be able to negotiate better than you when it comes to issues related to law; this will also help you get reasonable compensation.

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