Choosing The Right Bed Sheets for Summer

Summer is back and feels its presence with sweaty days and uncomfortable nights. Of course, some fans and ACs can keep you cool, but what if there is a power cut? You are again back to tossing and turning and sleepless nights, unable to bear the heat. So what is the best way to beat it and get respite? Check your bedsheets as they may be contributing to your discomfort. Choosing the right bedsheet for summer can help you sleep better in the summer months as it increases breathability and keeps you cool within. You can find endless choices on websites like Wakefit when it comes to options, but how do you make a perfect choice? Here’s how.

Choose Natural Fibres

Natural fibres are among the best materials for summer compared to man-made or synthetic fibres. But why are natural fibres best? There are many reasons for it, including that they are more breathable? That means it allows more air circulation, absorbs perspiration and moisture from the body at night, and keeps you dry and cool. On the other hand, synthetic fibres do not give you that luxury and hence bed sheets made from that material should be avoided during summer.

When it comes to natural fibres, there are many different types, including cotton of various types, which are durable and comfortable. Among the many types of cotton, Egyptian cotton is the best material for bed sheets for its temperature regulation. This best cotton bedsheet is readily available; silk is also comfortable and feels soft on the skin but is expensive, and linen offers a natural coolness and breathability.

Choose Light-Coloured Bedsheets

Opt for light-coloured bedsheets when you want to have cool nights during summer, opt for light-coloured bedsheets. It does not absorb the heat and light but instead reflects it is coming from the bedroom windows. Choose white as the top layer among the light colours as it absorbs light. Also, having white top sheets is comfortable on the eyes and makes the room look clean, big, and bright. If you want to choose a solid colour bedsheet, you can still do it but ensure it is not too bright as they absorb heat and make you feel hot at night. One care tip for cleaning white sheets is to use lukewarm water while laundering. Also, one should avoid drying on high heat as it can damage the sheets. It is best to dry in the sunshine for drying bedsheets.

Opt for Sweat-Absorbent Bedsheets

Normally some people tend to sweat at night, which increases exponentially during summer. That can lead to disturbed sleep until dawn, along with irritation and itchiness. The bedsheet is the one that has to bear all this sweat, grime, body oils, and dead skin during sleep. It can slowly become a breeding ground for bed bugs and dust mites when left unattended. So the best solution is to buy bed sheets that are hypoallergenic and sweat absorbing. Take into consideration when making the purchase and when you do that, you don’t have to worry about buying sheets for next summer as they are made of high quality.

Give Thread Count a Thought

An important factor to consider when purchasing bed sheets is the thread count. It is the number of threads used in making the bed sheet per square inch. It is considered an indicator of the quality and comfort the sheets provide. It is commonly believed that bedsheets with higher thread count offer more comfort and are soft when compared to those with lower thread count. But remember, it is not always true as it can trap heat and make it less breathable. It is recommended that the normal thread count of the bedsheet be between 300 to 400 for summers. Additionally, while buying bed sheets, it is best to have a feel of the fabric to know how it feels on the skin.

Keep a Comforter or Quilt Handy

Despite the heat, there are days in summer when you will feel the chill due to the AC cooling effect or the cool breeze of odd summer nights. To maintain that equilibrium between cold and heat, keep some light quilts, comforters, or Dohars handy so that you can easily pull them up in the middle of the night.

Design and Style

Whether it is summer or any other season, the design of the bedsheets is an important factor to consider as it makes them more appealing. For regular use, floral designs with tiny prints are ideal as they improve the bedroom’s looks. Keep your best floral bedsheet with embroidery for special occasions to give the space a stylish look.

Summer is here, and it is the right time to stack your bed with the best bedsheet and pillow cover for hot weather. When making the purchase consider the above things and buy the best quality bed sheets. No matter what you are looking for, Wakefit has a wide variety of choices with floral patterns and intricate designs. Shop online and beat the heat.

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